My name is Qwania Dixon and I am the Founder of Naturalista4me. I am passionate about hair care, holistic health (mind, body and soul) and life transformation. My focus is health in its’ entirety.

A Little History

I grew up in a salon watching my grandmother, mother, uncles and aunties do hair. Still today I can close my eyes and reminisce on the smells of hot combs, grease, relaxer, lotta body and the relaxing humming noises of the hooded dryers.

My love for hair runs generationally deep but I also have another love and that is for nature and it’s beneficial properties. I run to nature when I am stressed, when I need healing (physically and mentally), when I need peace, to create hair and beauty products, healing concoctions and more.

Natural Hair Journey

I began blogging about my natural hair journey by uploading videos on YouTube in 2012. Since then I have went from loose natural to semi free form locs then back to loose natural.

My approach to my hair care journey is also a holistic approach. I select and create products that support my health as best as possible.

I must say that I am not 100% chemically free. That would be really tough to achieve but hey anything is possible right?! However, I try my best to use products that are safer and create my own.

Why Holistic Health?

I found myself in a state of depression many years ago. I struggled with it silently as I was the girl who always had it all together- I wanted to keep it that way. My image to others was more important than me reaching out to say, “hey, I need some help here as I am going through something and my mind and heart is not in a good place”.

For one, I was embarrassed of my troubles and secondly, I do not like to burden others. Things are much different today as I always express myself. Whether that be in writing, face to face, over the phone and/or texting (I really hate this one but some prefer it). I don’t suggest texting as things can be misconstrued.

Ok, back to the story.

I was really depressed and was plotting a way to check out for good. Life had trapped me into a corner and I could not see or feel my way out. My vision was blurred so my only option (in my mind) was to call it quits. I know this is pretty deep and heavy but I must share so that you understand exactly why I am so passionate about my own healing and enhancing the lives of others.

It was downloaded into my spirit one day to research some things, so I did. I learned about meditation and began to study herbs and alternative medicine. I love nature so this was right up my alley!

I began to change what I consumed, meditated more, filled my spirit more, changed the way I talked to myself and others, set goals for myself, began creating my life by living an intentional life and today my life is exactly what I wrote it would be almost four years ago.

Are there still challenges? Yes. Sometimes I want to scream why me? why me? But why not me?

Applying the holistic health approach to my life brought me out of depression without the use of pharmaceutical medications. It also improved the health of my hair and skin, boosted my energy levels, reduced pain naturally and aided me in having a positive outlook on life therefore creating more pleasurable circumstances for myself. I also began to attract mentors, opportunities and achieve goals I once thought was impossible.

Holistic health changed my life! How could I not share this powerful approach to life?

The Naturalista4me platform thrives to provide useful information that can enhance the lives of others.

Enjoy, engage and stay awesome!

Love & Light

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