Is Natural Hair a Fad?

The natural hair community is growing by the masses. Are people returning to their natural hair because it is a trend or for deeper reasons?


In the beginning of my natural hair journey I was going through a transitional period in my life and I was also transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. I didn’t feel like I was doing it because it was a trend per say, I just kind of went for it. The transitioning process that my hair went through reflected my life. I needed to cut off some things, including those relaxed ends that I held on to for dear life. I just simply didn’t want to let it go. One day I did!


Transitioning to my natural hair. I am rocking a braid out (2012).


I sat up late nights trying to learn how to set up a Blog and Youtube channel and although it seems like an easy thing to do, it definitely takes work to constantly record content, edit, post and then respond to the hundreds of questions and comments you will receive. I was so excited when I got my first subscriber and then my one hundredth and now over two thousand.

transitioning 2

Big Chop (2013)

I also began styling natural hair and attended beauty school with a goal in mind to specialize in natural hair. In the process of styling natural hair, I then understood that the natural hair journey  for some was a fad and for others a true life journey of acceptance of self and spiritual reasons.

No matter what their reasons were for rocking their natural-born kinks, my focus was on helping them to maintain healthy growing hair. Some have decided to return to the “creamy crack” and others are still hanging in there.

Although the natural hair journey may not be a self acceptance or spiritual journey for some, support should always be given.

There are some “Natural Hair Nazis” that are within the natural hair groups throughout social media and some have definitely discouraged African-American women and have taken a toll on their self-esteem. One may not truly be on the journey for the same reasons as you but the thing you have in common is that you are still rocking your natural. You will still face some of the same issues within society. You will still have to care for your hair in similar ways. YOU ARE BOTH NATURAL!

I have been a victim of a natural hair Nazi.

I was scrolling through a natural hair group and noticed someone had made a post about my video post and she was pretty much going off on me. She was calling me stupid and some other choice words and I didn’t comment at all. I just watched the post. She was the only one going in on me. Everyone else was wanting to know where the content shared originated from to learn more and guess what? They became a follower. So why she was snapping on me, the others believed in me. I took it upon myself to look into her social medias and see who she was and why she would respond to my video in that way. I eventually just stopped keeping up with the post. It probably is still floating around the group to this day.

How Do You Deal With Natural Hair Nazis?

I would’ve went back and forth to defend myself but I will be going on forever because she is not the only one out there who is negative to other naturals. Why would one down another person because they have a question or simply post “I am about to relax my hair because I am frustrated”? Who knows….This is a self issue that the person has to work on. When we can’t encourage then we are not helping. If all we can do is discourage then we need self-evaluation. Positivity and being uplifting is always the best way to go. If we do not agree with someone’s decision about their hair then we can handle it in a nice manner so that they can be more receptive to our suggestions.


Whether your journey is a fad or not, you are still NATURAL!




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