How To Prevent Traction Alopecia

With so many different hairstyles to try, we have to be mindful of what those styles are doing to our hair. Have you ever had a hairstyle so tight but yet so beautiful so you chose to just tolerate it? Did you notice that when you took the style down there was hair loss?

Extreme tension is NOT healthy. With styles that require the hair to be braided down there will be tension involved but if you have experienced anything like me, I had entirely too much tension. My edges began to pop off with the braids attached and my scalp was itchy. I would apply oil to my scalp to soothe it but I should have taken the braids out. They were just too cute though so I chose to tolerate it.



With African American women, we have majority of our hair loss around the edges and top center of the head. We like to pull our hair back into styles that require the hair to be placed in  a tight ponytail, braids, twists, sew ins and glue ins that have closure pieces in the top of the head.

What woman does not want her hair on fleek?! We have to think about the aftermath of our hairstyle choices. Are we wanting to have to wear extensions forever to cover the damages we have caused to our natural hair?

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Have you ever experienced hair loss due to your styling options?

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  1. Many people in hair problem field would dispute that it’s very difficult to treat not women for the condition of female pattern hair loss because it has so much concern about the authentic cure methods, female donor scalp area, or how hard it can be to get the female patient satisfaction.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I don’t quite understand what you are saying. I am going to try and reply the best I can based on my understanding. There are many methods to treating hair loss but with Traction Alopecia, we can prevent this by being mindful of tension in our hairstyles.I have a lot of clients who have worn braids and sew ins for years because they just don’t know how to do their hair so they put it up constantly and they are dealing with traction alopecia. I talk with them about their hair style choices. This is coming from a stylist point of view. It can be prevented. One can also go and get treated for hair loss but return to styles that will cause their hair to break off again so I recommend doing your absolute best to prevent hair breakage and hair loss issues. This isn’t addressing other medical issues that one may have, only styling choices. Too much tension is not good.

  2. Many women ask that it is possible for a woman to get hair transplant surgery just like men? Although nearly all hair loss treatments target especially male pattern baldness, but don’t worry hair transplant surgeries are also performed on women’s scalp.

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