Why Isn’t My Hair Good Hair?

In the  natural hair community you will often come in contact with those who are trying to figure out their curl pattern and hair type. I personally have type 4 hair. This means that my hair is more kinkier than someone who has type 3 hair.

Is knowing our curl type important?


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Knowing our curl type is beneficial because it can help us to understand how we need to take care of it. Those with a looser curl pattern will style their hair and may use products differently than someone who has really kinky hair and maximum shrinkage.

There is a misconception that those who have a looser curl pattern have good hair and those with a kinkier texture have bad hair or not so good hair. There has been a countless number of times that I have had someone on a natural hair journey to approach me and say that they are aggravated with their hair because they do not have the curls they desired once they made the decision to return natural. They had already had it set in their mind what curl pattern they desired before they decided to transition back to their natural hair.  They desired “good hair”.

Where did this good hair bad hair shenanigans come from? Who determines what good hair and bad hair is? We do! Our mindset determines how we feel about our hair.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



What you think is beautiful is so and what you think is good, bad, ugly, etc. is how you will base your judgement. If I feel like wavy hair is more beautiful than kinky hair and my natural hair is kinky then I will not feel as though my hair is “good”.

I remember the many days and nights of Mom, Grandma or whoever styled my hair getting aggravated with having to take their time and style my hair while popping me in the process because I wouldn’t hold my head right because it hurt. I eventually received a relaxer and it was easier to manage and was conceived as more beautiful to others. My hair eventually began to break off but I will save that story for another time.

How often have you been told in your childhood that your hair is so beautiful when it was in it’s curly state?  I can’t think of one time. I can think of many times when my hair was pressed for special occasions and I was told I looked so beautiful.

I can also chop the “beauty” factor of natural hair up to the fact that sometimes people simply do not know how to care for it so they don’t do anything with it other than just let it be. They do not moisturize and eventually there is breakage. There are now so many different tips, tutorials, blogs, etc. to help you achieve and maintain healthy natural hair.

When you began to accept your hair as a part of you ( because it is) you will no longer look at it like good hair or bad hair. Do you refer to your eye color as “bad eyes”? No. That is because it is naturally accepted. Whether your eyes are blue, green or brown, we do not think about how we feel they are ugly. If we can think about our hair like we think about our eyes then you will not get caught up in comparing it.

I have 4c hair, is my hair bad? No. It is a part of who I AM.

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  1. great post! I too have 4c hair and it is nice to see more 4c girl embrace their curls and ot feel like they have to be in the 3 type curls to enjoy being natural.

  2. Amen sister! Amen! What is sad though is that only a few people see level/stage (whatever the heck its called) 4 hair as beautiful. It is the same argument as we have with darker skin. People have been fed so much of the idea that “kinky” and “dark skin” are undesirable and ugly. It has happened for generations and is something that will take a long time (unfortunately ) to be erased. But as long as people like you love and appreciate what’s naturally given , then maybe the rest of the world will follow.

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