Crochets Styling Options

I have always incorporated protective styles into my natural hair care regimen. Since I have been on my lock journey, I have only done one protective style and that only lasted a weekend. Many people were wondering how I was able to rock this style on top of locks. Heck, I didn’t even know it was possible to wear another style when locking. Somehow (being me) I wanted to put that to the test and I did a crochet.

Protective crochet wig made by me

I received a lot of compliments about my hair but boy did I have some people confused. See my locks are not like the neat locks that many people think of. My locs are semi free form. This means that I do not retwist them often. I wash and separate. I have retwisted maybe three to four times in ten months.

I managed to pull this style off. I loved it but I missed my locks after three days. I know I am not the only natural who misses their hair while it is put up.

Protective styling really gives you a break from having to style your hair daily and gives you a different look. What women doesn’t like to change it up sometimes, whether it be with their clothing, makeup or hair?

Crochet protective style

I felt fierce rocking the crochet wig but I felt hot too. I can chop that up to how hot the weather has been. Some days I am so hot I contemplate chopping my hair off. My husband says “let your locks grow Bae”. He knows I love the clippers, in particular, the tapered cut. I even remember telling my husband that I felt like the hair was messing with my ability to hear clearly. It was all on my ears. It isn’t like I haven’t had long hair before but I think I have gotten use to my hair (and it’s shrinkage) not being on my ears as much as the weave was.

When I was loose natural the crochet style was my go too. I didn’t wear box braids, sew in’s etc. I would install “Marley Hair” and wear it in a variety of styles. I would style it in a braid out, twist out, roller set or just wear it kinky and big. I also began to do other people’s hair in this protective style.

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Crochet styles I wore when I was loose natural.

I still do others’ hair in a crochet and now they have so many different styling options. There is hair that is already twisted, braided, wavy, crinkly, straight, curly and more.

The crochet is a great way to just take a break from having to style your hair daily and it doesn’t take as much time to do as getting individual kinky twists, box braids, etc. Crochet’s are great for children, teens and adults.

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Some of the many crochet styles that I have done for others.

Many people in my area didn’t know that I could do a crochet until they saw my posts about my hair and I actually had them fooled into thinking that my crochet installment was my real hair. I would do leave outs around my edges and parts and blend. I believe that your weaves should look as natural has possible.

I was contacted by a lady, who was suffering from hair loss in the top of her head, and she also had a TWA (teeny weeny afro). She was starting a new job and wanted to do something other than wear a wig. I had no idea how I was going to go about doing a crochet style (that she requested) but I did it! I was able to give her full coverage and she thanked me. It pulled at my heart strings to see the new pep in her step once she saw herself in the mirror. Confidence is what I like!

Learn more about my crochet wig style:

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