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My name is Britney Jackson aka ( britneykinkycoils ) on YouTube. I’m a 26-year-old woman making her dreams come true by focusing on the things that matter. I work from home watching daycare kids with my family and working to grow my channel and help other girls and women with their natural hair. Giving out hair tutorials, tips, DIY accessories and more.

I’ve been natural since March 2014. So, I will be 4 years in March of this year. I decided to start my journey over and do a second big chop to get rid of heat damage, color and to grow my hair the same length throughout my journey. This time I’m going to start and end my journey right. I’ll be documenting my growth every day for a full year. Then I’ll share the growth on my channel. I can’t wait.

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I decided that my hair needed to grow past my neck and noticed how beautiful natural hair became to me. I was extremely tired of relaxing my hair and felt like I no longer needed to relax my hair because I took a 3-year break from straightening my hair. My hair started to grow and so at this point is when I realized I didn’t need to relax my hair anymore. No more burns throughout my hair. It was the best thing I could have done to save my hair and get it back to its natural state.

For someone who is thinking about returning natural, I would tell them that going back to their natural state is the best choice they can make. Doing this helped my hair grow healthy, thick and long. I can do so many different styles with my natural hair without the fear of breakage, burns on my scalp and just the chance to feel and live free.

My top favorite products would have to be SoftSheen-Carson Care Free Curl Gold Instant Activator, 16 fl oz  and SoftSheen Afro Spray. Those two products are amazing at keeping my hair moisturized and it also helped my journey thrive to its full potential.


My favorite style is rocking my afro. No matter the weather, my hair does great when I just let her (my hair) do whatever she wants. My hair just likes to be moisturized and the rest is up to her.

Natural hair tips:

Focus on what products works for you. Don’t attempt to do different styles every other day. Be sure to let your hair thrive and rest often because when you do too much to your hair. Your hair will get weak and start to break off. It’s nice to change it up, but pick a style that your hair enjoys the most and do that more often. Less things you do to your hair, the better chance you have at a healthier hair journey.


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