Bentonite Clay Detox

As I sit here looking like mud woman, I decided to write a post to explain why I am currently looking this way.
My children came into the restroom and saw me  applying the bentonite clay to my hair and face. My youngest son asked me why was I applying mud to my face. “Mud belongs on the ground, not on your face.” He says the cutest things.
I do not use Bentonite Clay very often but I do it from time to time to detox my hair. I pay close attention to my hair so there are times where it is just screaming for a good cleansing/detox.
On my face, I applied a combination of Bentonite Clay and water. On my hair I applied a combination of Bentonite Clay and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar).
Learn the benefits and many reasons you should give bentonite clay a try.

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