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Hi Naturalistas! My name is Stephanie aka Keep_kicking_it_naturally on social media and this is my second time returning to my natural hair roots. I first started my hair journey back in 2007 when I just wanted to grow my hair after joining an online hair group.

I was relaxed and the idea of stretching my relaxers and using minimal heat to achieve length without damaging my hair appealed to me.  Then as I was stretching my hair, I fell back in love with my texture. I’ve always loved my natural hair but once I was relaxed, I just figured I would just have to deal with relaxed hair forever and would have to do roller sets if I wanted curls. I became pretty good at doing roller sets.  The idea of big chopping to get back to my natural texture was such a foreign idea to me, but at last I gave it a try, although it was short lived.  I wasn’t quite ready, confident in myself and nowhere as knowledgeable about hair as I am today.


After a few high heat blowouts, bleached hair, weird comments from people, and so many other trial and errors; I relaxed my hair again. Only to hate it more!  I started my second natural hair journey July 1, 2013 and I have no plans of turning back. I amaze myself at how dedicated I am to my natural hair journey.  

I will tell anyone who is considering going natural to give it a chance. There is so much support out here to help you along the way.  You may like it, hate it, or love it.  You’ll never know until you try. There are challenges so be prepared for bad hair days—I’ve had plenty being relaxed and natural.  But the experience of caring for and maintaining your natural, your crown of glory, is very rewarding. 

I don’t have too many favorite products but my hair loves Shea butter, olive oil, Jamaican black castor oil and Eco style gel.  I purchase Suave Tropical Coconut Shampoo and Conditioner regularly for my wash day and lately I like Cantu Curling Cream. 

Right now, I couldn’t survive the work week without a good twist or braid out. It works for me because it last for the entire week until the next wash day. In the summer time I love doing wash and go—so I’m really ready for summer!


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