Lemon Juice and Hair

I had gotten in the mood of wanting to try something different and instead of heading to the store to purchase products, I decided to combine some things I already had at home.

I have incorporated lemon juice into my health and wellness by drinking warm lemon water in the morning for its’ many benefits. I feel great afterwards once I get over the bitterness of the drink itself.

Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water in The Morning

I decided to make a concoction of oils and lemon juice to use as a conditioner or shall I say a hot oil treatment with added lemon juice. What was a sista thinking?! I am not going to sit here and say the good ole lemon is not good for your hair because I have read many great reviews about it BUT the way I incorporated it into my hair care regimen was an epic fail.

I do mean a serious, what were you thinking, you should’ve left that lemon where it was fail. Maybe it was the combination of lemon juice and the oil that made it a never ever again moment for me.

I read – during some recent researching – that lemon juice is great for helping the hair lock quicker and it works great when added to your conditioner of choice. I was not looking to lock my hair quicker because I am already locked. I was looking to have moisturized shining hair by the end of my qt time with my crown.

Lemon Juice To Make Locs Lock Faster

Instead I ended up with dry shriveled locs and a sore scalp from all the shrinkage that occurred afterwards. My locs looks thinned out but I saw no loss of hair. I chopped this up to the shrinkage and tightening affect it had on my locs. I can now see why some say lemon juice can help your locs to lock faster.

I am use to having frizzy full locs and I was so hurt with the outcome. I wore my hair in its’ thinned out dry look for a couple of days. I asked my husband if he would massage my scalp incorporating a combination of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Olive Oil, and Peppermint Oil to soothe my scalp.

It felt really good as he applied it to my scalp and I dozed off shortly afterwards to rest BUT when I awakened this morning, my hair was horrible. Something had to be done. I could not go another day like that.

All hail apple cider vinegar! I grabbed my Bragg’s ACV and combined it with water and gave my hair an ACV rinse while in the shower. My hair looks and feels so much better.

I will never ever ever do that combination again! I’ll pass.

For now, I am going to stick with drinking lemon water. I am interested in hearing more reviews on how to use lemon juice on natural hair for moisturizing purposes.

12 Amazing Benefits of Using Lemon Juice In Hair

How do you incorporate lemon juice in your hair care regimen?


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