I Partially Know What I Am Doing

I decided that it was finally time that I start my own little garden so I gathered my crew and we headed to the dollar store. We browsed the aisles and came across the flower bulbs and vegetable seeds and I was overjoyed. I do not know anything about planting vegetables and herbs other than just putting the seeds in the ground but after reading the back of the seed packets, I quickly learned that it wasn’t that simple.

I love simplicity. I purchased peas, bean, squash, lettuce, carrots, spinach, sage and oregano. I also purchased a seed starter tray and a few other small seed starter pots.


My six year old was very excited to help me plant the seeds as well as my oldest son but my other two children didn’t want to get their hands dirty. They just wanted to watch us work.

I followed the directions for the seed starter the best I could but I did something that was hilarious to my husband. I didn’t completely understand that you shouldn’t plant many seeds of lettuce at one time in the pot (as it is a small pot) and we planted all of them. Haha! My husband laughed at me and said we are going to have a big combination of lettuces. I must admit, it hurt my feelings a bit because I was so proud of myself. He really blew me for a moment but eventually I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Hey, what can I say. I am a beginner who is simply trying to find her way right?

So the next thing was where will we put them so that they will receive proper sunlight. We placed the sage and oregano in the kitchen window and the rest in the sun-room area. This morning I noticed that there wasn’t adequate sunlight in the sun-room area so I placed the plants in direct sunlight in our backyard.

The ultimate goal is to start the seeds inside the smaller pots and eventually plant them in the ground once we prepare a proper space.

I would love to build a greenhouse to grow herbs and even googled some easy ways to build it but I think I want to leave that project to my husband. I am not into building things. Of course I will assist my love but the project will ultimately be his.

I asked him would he build one for me and he just looked at me so I don’t know what the answer is yet but we will see. I surely hope so. Or…..I could just start building it and he naturally assists me in whatever I am doing. Yea, I think I will get him involved this way.

As for my veggies, I am excited to be making this healthier change. Our children are watching us so we want them to live very fulfilled lives due to us being great examples. They know how much I love plants and I talk to them, literally.

We have a lucky bamboo that I need to replant as soon as possible that is in the home and we have two plants that I have yet to figure out what they are that are on our porch. My mother in-law gave them to us when we moved into our home. I would love to know what they are.

She isn’t sure what they are either so it is a mystery! I am sure I will find out eventually, I mean it has only been two years that I haven’t known. Haha!

I am sure with more research and practice, I will get the gardening thing down pack. I am crawling before walking and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out so that we can eat our own home grown veggies!

Share your tips on growing veggies to make my life a little easier!



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