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Hi Naturalistas! My name is Kenty Lichtenberg and I am the proud hostess of I am based in the beautiful island of St. Maarten, and in addition to being a Plus Size Blogger I am also a Marketer, Brand Strategist and Motivational Speaker that loves to empower women and experiment with hair colors for my hair.

I have been natural for about 4 years. This was not a planned transition. I was a weave addict. It was practical to install weaves due to my traveling schedule and it gave me versatility which is what I love. However I cannot relate to “the big chop” because my process was different. Due to the weaving my perm at some point left my “crown” and without me nor hairstylist realizing it, I was fully NATURAL.

When I returned natural it was actually by accident and my boyfriend convinced me to give it try. He was so used to seeing me in weaves, I don’t think he had much memories of me rocking my natural hair. I decided….why not…I had nothing to lose. 


If I had to give advice to someone who is wanting to return to their natural hair, I would tell them, do not do it to follow a trend, do it because you have done your research and ultimately understand that years of chemically processed hair can lead to a series of health challenges. That was not my motivation behind becoming natural, but once I did some research (I had to because I needed to know how to learn again to deal with my hair) I realized that I did my hair a huge favor by returning to my natural coils. Was it easy? In my case yes…however learning how to manage my hair and  what to do with it to make it look “adult-like” was very challenging. For some reason every time I looked in the mirror I felt as if a 12 year old was looking back..and certainly that is not the look you want to inspire when you are over 30. For me that was the most challenging part.

I would not be totally honest if I do not admit to becoming a product hoarder. What happen is that once I identified that I wanted to continue on the natural journey, I started to attend the “University of You tube” to look for guidance from other natural sisters of course! WRONG move..I know that now LOL. Anyways after realizing that my bathroom had about 7 to 8 different brands of natural hair care products, I pulled the breaks. I then turned to gain information from my natural sisters that were locally available. Determining my type of hair was a mix of emotions because I currently have a mix of 4B and 4C. I also attended a few workshops locally of ladies that go as far as making their own natural products. I experiment a lot with colors and it is important to keep your hair properly moisturized and oiled up! After much trial and errors, I found a few products that work exceptionally for me:

  • Jamaican Mango and Lime Black Castor Oil is a natural, deep penetrating, all purpose healing oil formulated to moisturize and heal dry skin, hair and nails. The blend is infused with organic herbs and nourishing ingredients for the ultimate moisturizing and aromatic experience. This is a powerful all-purpose,soothing oil roasted and grounded from the Jamaican black castor oil bean then boiled to produce 100% pure castor oil. These pure and unrefined oils retain their nutritive properties, making them great for skin softening, moisturizing massage oils or hot oil treatments for dry, damaged hair.
  • Aunt Jackie’s Curls & Coils Flaxseed Recipes Curl Mane-Tenance Defining Curl Whip: Superior curl definition in a lightweight formula! Say goodbye to poofy, fly away hair. Lightweight Argan Oil and just the right amount of Shea Butter help to soften curls, prevent dryness and tame frizz, without weighing hair down. 
  • Shea Moisture: Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Soufflé

Once I have these 3 products in my bathroom I am good. I recently started co washing, but I am still looking for the perfect method of doing that!

One of my favorite styles is a twist out! It is easy…it last me for 3 or more days and I have learned to dress it up and down.

What I strongly recommend is looking for alternatives for the days that your hair wants to be disobedient. On those days I rock a head wrap..again courtesy of on line tutorials. Also play with hair accessories and explore protective hair styles when you feel that you need a break!

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