Journey of Healing | Interview with Vanessa Edgeston

I have been on a healing journey as I have made many changes in my life recently. I recently took a leap of faith that I truly believe is what I have manifested while in my healing process. When we are holding on to things, they can become very heavy. Whether that hurt is from our childhood or things that we experience throughout our day, we have to find a way to heal so that we can live a fulfilled life.

As I was browsing my Instagram I came across a lady that captivated me. I scrolled past her picture but found myself searching for her picture again as it was something about it- her energy. I decided to visit her Instagram page to learn more about her and that is when I discovered that she too was on a journey of healing. I guess it is safe to say that I saw my reflection in her and that is why the pull was so strong.

I reached out to her and asked her if she would be willing to share more about her journey and she was happy to do so. I am so grateful for that.

She is known on Instagram as @phoenixrising1993  @victoriasflowerchild


” Hello Queen. What is your name and where are you originally from?”

My name is Vanessa and I am originally from Blue Mountain, Mississippi. I currently reside in Oregon.


“Are you on a journey to healing? Do you mind sharing what you are healing from?”

Yes. I have needed healing for a very long time but it wasn’t until last year when I began to focus on healing myself and to address all the pain I was feeling. The root of most of the pain stems from years of neglect and trauma that I endured during the first 21 years of my life.


“I watched a video on your Instagram of you explaining that you became angry after being used by your fellow classmates as a teenager (the taking advantage of your giving spirit). You stated that as an adult you are able to give freely. How did you heal from not being able to trust people to the person you are today?”

When they took advantage of me, that really hurt my feelings. I became very selfish after that. I started only looking out for myself and only thinking about myself and that is not a peaceful or balanced way to live. I became very protective of my heart, but in doing so I was shutting a lot of people out. I realized that by shutting people out I was missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with others. Because selfishness and fear, I was creating a form of isolation to the spirit. I wanted my spirit to be truly free so I had to remove the hardness from my heart.

I healed because I learned the lessons from those circumstances. I realized that painful memories are mostly unlearned lessons.

When you learn the lesson, you release the pain. When you are no longer in pain, you are healed.

“Absolutely…..You also mentioned that you wrote a letter to your father, how did this help you to heal?”

When my dad Frank passed away I was happy that he was at peace and no longer suffering. His death sparked a lot of emotions and questions in my heart and mind. I asked myself what kind of daughter had I been. I felt guilty for not calling him as much as I could have. I regretted if he would always be around. I know that we all depart from this world…but I was not expecting to lose my father so soon.

Frank (My Dad ) & I
Frank and I

Frank is indeed my father, but he is not my biological father. I spent years hating my biological father for his abusive ways. When Frank came into my life he was the only source of fatherly love that I had known. I did not feel that kind of love from my biological father. I wrote to him and I told him everything I felt, and in my heart, I believe he heard me.

All my dad ever wanted from me was for me to know that I was loved.

I realized that if I live my life knowing that I am loved and build a life for myself that reflects all the love I have been given and all the love I must offer–then I will be doing exactly what he wanted me to do. And that is the best way I can honor his memory.

“Condolences to you for your loss.”



You have beautiful pieces of wrapped stones on your Instagram. When did you begin making wrapped stones? What inspired it? What are the benefits of wrapped stones? How can they help in the healing process?”

I was 19 when I moved to Atlanta, GA. I lived there on and off for about a year. I was homeless for most of the time I was in Atlanta. During that time, I met many kinds of artists when I was on the streets.  One artist I met showed me how to make a simple wire wrap and that is when my love for wire wrapping began. When I went through a severe depression I lost all interest in art and everything else I was passionate about but when I began my healing journey I reconnected with the missing pieces of myself.

The part of myself that I had lost was my sense of creativity. I decided that I wanted that part of myself back, so I started wire wrapping again–and I am so thankful that I did.

I have grown and healed so much from making art again. Being in contact with so many different crystal energies has awakened parts of myself that I was unaware of.

I am still growing in awareness and discovering the power of all the beautiful stones I meet. I am a different person now than I was when I started wire wrapping again.

I am happier, more confident and less clouded by other people’s energies. I am less of others and more of myself and I am just getting started.

“In our most troubled times we can learn valuable lessons. Those lessons we can apply and use as we evolve. I have learned many lessons during troubled times. How we deal with those troubled times is what makes the difference in living a fulfilled life or having the mentality of defeat therefor we just exist.”

“Stop giving a fuck. Stop being a people pleaser. Stop letting people walk all over you. Stop waiting for permission to love yourself. Speak your mind. Listen to your heart. Heal your wounds. Be fucking glorious!” -PhoenixRising1993

“If you had a conversation with someone today who is having a hard time trying to figure out their first step in healing and evolving, what would you tell them?”

I would ask them if they are living their dreams and if they are not I would ask them why. If they do not know why, then their first step towards evolving and healing would be to answer that question. If they do know why they are not living their dreams, then their first step would be for them to ask themselves what obstacles are blocking their path.


“Why is healing important?”

Healing is important because we can never rise to be who we were born to be if we are stuck in pain, fear, and toxicity.



“How can one embrace their emotions behind things, release and learn from them?”

You must accept that to heal and move beyond your pain is that you must face it.

You cannot numb yourself and pretend that the pain is not there AND heal at the same time. If you want health, you must let go of the sickness.

It is not an easy process in the beginning, but facing that pain makes you stronger. If you run from yourself, you will never find peace.

“I know all about pretending to be ok. I learned that I had to face those things in order to heal from them. I felt so much lighter after finally facing the things of my past. They no longer have power over me.”




“How can one find balance in the midst of their storms?”

Know that storms exist to teach you about life as well as yourself. Know that storms will pass. Know that the more storms you survive the more resilient you become.

“Your Instagram page attracted me and I spend a good bit of time browsing your wrapped stones. How can one purchase a stone from you? If someone has a stone would you wrap it for them?”

Contact me. Let me know what colors you like. I can send you pictures of stones that I have available to be wrapped. My prices range, and I can work with any budget. I have wraps available for as low as $5. 🙂

If someone mailed me a stone to wrap for them I would happily do so.

“I am going to send you a few of mine for sure!”

“How can someone contact you about wrapped stones? Where can one purchase?”

You can email me

You can also contact me on Instagram @phoenixrising1993. Send me a message and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Thank you Vanessa for sharing your journey with us!

Healing is very important and although it may not be easy to do so, it is worth it.






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