If I Fail, At Least I Have Given It My All


Hi guys my name is Jasmine Barton-Moore author of Sparks Fly. I self-published my own book, but before I explain let me give you a little back ground of myself. I am twenty-six years old at the moment. I found myself lost and wondering what I was going to do in life. I had gotten my degree of Associate of Arts in English. After that I still found myself lost. I told myself you could go back to school and continue your education and get into a lot of debt or you can live out your dream, live for the here and now. Tomorrow is not promised to us. Now I am not saying I will never go back to school, but I was tired of waking up every morning and not living to my fullest potential. I had started my blog post www.jasminebartonmoore.com where I would publish chapters of my book, but that still wasn’t enough for me.

I had surgery December 2016 and I had six weeks off from work, I found myself lying in bed, sleeping all day and doing absolutely nothing with my time. One day I decided to I pull out my laptop and finish Spars Fly. At the time I had no title for the book, but I was driven to accomplish something and be happy about it. Just like that I had finished my book, but I didn’t know where to go from there. So of course I turned to the Internet, I educated myself on self-publishing, building a business and growing my platform.

You’re probably thinking, why not go to school to learn this stuff. Believe me this was no easy journey, it was stressful. I worked a fulltime job, I sat on different boards for church, I squeezed in working out, living the married life, and I took care of my brother. My day would start at 5:30 in the morning and end at midnight every day. The reason I choose not to go to school at the time is because I remember sitting in class and listening to my professor say how he was still paying off his student loans and how so many people have had to go back to college because no one is hiring in the field they went to school for. I didn’t want to be fifty years old and paying back school debt when I could be my own Boss. I do still work a fulltime job, but just like I put in nine hours a day at that job, I come home and put just as much time into my business.

When I was looking for direction I looked to God, but also I had to restore the confidence I lost and believe in myself again. If I was going to fail, at least I knew I gave it my all. The year 2018 I plan on publishing two books and announcing another project I have been working on so be on the look out for that.



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