Peeling Back the Layers of Your Life Women’s Empowerment Retreat

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Women’s Empowerment Spring Retreat

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I am so excited to share this with you’ll. I am linking up with Keynote Speaker, Loronda C. Giddens and presenting a relaxing retreat that was created to help you refresh. It was a pleasure to listen to Loronda on Facebook Live in the Naturalista4me group  for women on Tuesday Night Live. So many women shared with Loronda and myself many obstacles they are facing in life and how it has been a blockage for them achieving happiness and living a purposeful life. The Facebook Live showed Loronda and I that there is a need. So many women are hurting and feeling lost.

On this retreat, you will enjoy beautiful scenery, a luxury cabin, complimentary breakfast and lunch, empowerment workshops, relaxation techniques and so much more.

View details here….

I quickly learned on my journey of healing that I have many layers. I had to deal with each layer individually and get to the core of who I really am. In doing this I also learned that I was attached to so many things that did not serve me for my good. I had a hard time moving forward because those things that I was attached to gave me an identity. Without those things I did not know who I would be. The unknown outcome of the change was terrifying.

I set my intention for this year to get out of and stay out of my comfort zone. I had to peel back those layers and take the steps to heal from those layers that kept reminding me of hurtful things in my past. Revisiting emotions would paralyze me for hours, days, months……I would stay in a place of comfort as my emotions became a huge blockage to me if I even thought about trying to better my life. I began to self sabotage. Can you relate? Do you beat yourself up and/or tell yourself how you are not good enough? That was me because of those deeply rooted issues that I had to deal with.

The workshops that will take place during this retreat with help you to begin your journey of healing and peeling back the layers of your life. This retreat will refresh you. If you are at a place in your life where you are ready to peel back those layers so that you can walk in your purpose, this retreat is for you.

VIP packages are available! Please visit Eventbrite for detailed information and to purchase your tickets.


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