Are Your Products Harming You?

Are Your Hair Products Harming You?


More and more people are becoming health conscious by the day and they are going green. When it comes to hair products, we know that there are ingredients that will not be the best choice for our hair. Many product lines are beginning to create chemical free products. I have noticed that these seem to be a little pricier than chemical filled products. When you really think about it, healthier options do seem to come in less quantities and at a higher price.

There is one product line that comes to mind and this was during the beginning of my natural hair journey in 2012. I purchased everything on the line and it was expensive for my budget, but I just had to have it. I ran through the products quickly as I didn’t have much in the bottles anyway. It was getting costly. I decided to return to “regular” products. I did this for a few months and decided that I had to research a little more into these products and why (based on research) they were causing so many allergic reactions.

I began to break down each ingredient and in no time, I knew right away why the body would react to contact of these chemicals. Can we ever be completely free from chemicals? Probably not but we can take preventative measures from overloading our systems. Detoxing is great for this if you are looking to rid your body of “crud”.

With any product that you use, be sure to pay attention to how you feel as well as the health of your hair and scalp. Maybe that itching isn’t dandruff…Maybe it is an allergic reaction to whatever product you applied to your hair. Some products have caused hair loss. If you notice early on that your hair appears thin or you see too much hair in your shower or sink, you can toss that product and prevent further damage. Paying attention to signs and symptoms is very important.

When using products with chemicals in them, try your best to wash your hair with the water running backwards down the back of the head. This will prevent the product from touching your eyes. Chemicals in products can cause blurred vision and blindness.

If you are one who has a sensitivity to chemical filled products, there are product lines who can offer a healthier option.

I have a bottle of shampoo and conditioner that is not all natural and I do use it from time to time. So, I am not completely chemical free as I use it for convenience when I do not feel like whipping up my bentonite hair cleanser.

Be very mindful of the products you are using and how they may be affecting you. This can prevent hair loss and other illnesses that can evolve from your reaction to a chemical.



great post. As much as possible I try to make my own hair products. The natural ones are way too expensive. i am trying to make a conditioner, but for now still using Herbal Essence 🙂

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