My Visit To Meet My Child Self

I attended an online Masterclass yesterday with Marisa Peer and it was an experience to remember. She is an English nutritionist and hypnotherapist.

I knew that I had some blockages related to my childhood, but I did not know how big of an affect it had on me. I carried it into my adulthood and it has not been easy. Our perspectives shape our lives and I am so glad I took the time to attend the class.

During the end of the masterclass Marisa took us through a hypnosis session that guided us back to our childhood to moments of time that caused the blockages within. She took us back to a time where we were hurting as a child. She guided us on how to talk to our child selves and encouraged us to express love through our words and actions. Something like this may sound off the wall but something has shifted within me for the better.

I did not grow up in my ideal circumstances, but I cannot change anything about my past. I was holding on to my past more than I realized. During the hypnosis I discovered the root cause of my anxieties and other mental blockages. I was also able to see things from a different perspective.

After she guided us to talk to our child self, she directed us to show our child self our present. This put a huge smile on my face. As a child, I wanted to be loved and wanted not just tolerated. I often questioned if I was truly loved as I always felt distant from those around me and did not fit in with a crowd. As a child, I met my best friends at the “outcast table” at school during lunch. We didn’t blend in with a crowd and barely fitted in with each other, but we got to know each other because we understood how it felt to be different.

I was able to show my child self our present and I felt so much joy within because our home is full of unconditional love. I was raised by a stepfather who I always believed loved my mother but tolerated my siblings and me.  I am grateful for his support in providing our needs. I desired a father-daughter relationship with him or my biological father but that was not the case for me. My biological father and my mother divorced when I was very young and he relocated to the west coast while my mother stayed on the east coast. I didn’t talk with him much. To this day, we do not have a close relationship and rarely talk. I never thought I was bothered by my father not being in my life, but the hypnosis showed me I was lying to myself, big time!

My husband is a stepfather to three of our children that I had from a previous marriage. He treats them like they are his own flesh and blood. My children do not have to feel tolerated but wanted and loved no matter what. I also do not have the relationship I desire with my mother so because I do not, I act in making sure that I have a better relationship with my children.

I too am loved unconditionally. My husband and children show me every day how much they love me- even on days when I may not be up to par. Why was I holding on to that blockage even now when being loved is no longer an issue. Time has come and gone and I am not that kid anymore.

That child and I are one in the same. I mentally removed her from the past and brought her to the happiness of the now. Love is healing. In our home that child has a safe place to heal and be loved. She doesn’t have to hold on to the past. She is no longer there. We are both in the NOW.

If you are dealing with blockages to living your best life, dig deeper. Many times, something that was said to us at a young age plants a seed that grows as we age from year to year. It can be the reason you have the fears that you do. It can be the reason you are afraid of rejection so you do not even try. It can be the reason you are not able to unconditionally love others.

Dig deeper…..



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