3 Easy Ways to Deal with Negative Comments about Your Natural Hair

Along your natural hair journey you may experience highly critical negative people. It can be challenging to do something different from your normal when dealing with these types of personalities. Some people dislike natural hair and will not keep their negative comments to themselves.

They feel entitled to their opinions and many expect for you to alter just to make them happy.

I am going to share 3 easy ways that I deal with people who give me negative looks or comments along my natural hair journey.

1.  Be Confident

When you are confident, negative comments will not effect you as it could if you are not happy with who you are.

Self care is one of the best ways to boost your confidence level. Do things you love. Take care of yourself. Include yourself rather than excluding yourself. Detox your life. Have a spa day. Kick your feet up and read a good book over a glass of wine.

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We can be our own worst critic as well. When we are in this head and heart space, it is easier for unwanted comments to get the best of us.

Meditating Garden Yoga Frog Statue

Taking care of your mental, physical and spiritual health supports the existence of harmony in your life.

When you feel good and are in a good spiritual, mental and physical space in your being, you are less bothered by negative comments and looks.

2.  Ignore

You can choose to act as if you did not hear their comments and keep it moving. Ignore someone enough and they may choose to let it go or nah.

Some people do not take being ignored too well so they may step it up a notch and get louder and bolder and this is when you can result to number three.

3.  Respond

Responding in a way to let a person know that you will not alter who you are for them may work. It has for me.

Some of my family and associates did not understand the beginning stages of my loc journey. In the beginning, things were said that could have effected my decision to hang in there on my journey.

When someone looks at you with a face of disgust, it can cause you to feel uncomfortable.

My initial inner response used to be something along the lines of “did I ask you what you think about me?” “Why do you think I live my life for you?”. However, I have never said this out loud.

My responses are always along the lines of:

  • “hmm, that’s an interesting view.”
  • “I have yet to have trouble doing anything that I desire due to my hair.” (hump shoulders and walk off)
  • “Are you done?” Then redirect the conversation.

These are some of the responses that I use as it varies from situation to situation.

Stand firm in who you are and your decisions. You are unique and should remain that way so that you can add value to the world through your purpose.

You can not maintain a happy state of mind if you are someone who alters yourself for others satisfaction. It may feel ok at first, but in time you may find yourself disconnected more than ever from your true self.

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  1. People have told me my hair looked like ramen noodles, Michael Jackson’s hair, a mop, etc. My hair looks like NONE of those , so it never really bothered me. Honestly, it makes me laugh now.

    1. Hi Nailah!

      It does become funny once you are in a state of embracing your hair no matter what. I am a bit sarcastic (in a comical way) when it comes to any comments meant to be funny or hurt my feelings. 😊

    1. Hi Bri!

      Thank you for reading and commenting.
      My family had some things to say too so I know how that feels. We go natural for us, not for likes!

      Have a wonderful day. 😊

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