Synchronicities in Troubled Times

On my path of walking in my purpose, I have noticed more synchronicities than ever before.

When I first began to notice sychronized numbers like 111, 555, 888, I thought it was just a coincidence. Now, I do not believe in coincidences. As I began to take a step back and look at my challenging situations in life as a whole, I began to see the bigger picture and therefore my perspective changes.

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I may feel pain emotionally and sometimes physically while going through, but when I change my perspective it does not hurt as much but more so is a lesson to prepare me for the next level in my life.

During times when I am deep in thought or feeling discouraged and stuck, I notice synchronized numbers. I also notice them when I have overcome a fear. These numbers appear on my clock, on signs, license plates, and in my totals when I am shopping. Have you ever had a total to come up to $4.44 or $5.55? This is not coincidence. I also notice these numbers after I meditate and take the time to communicate with my spirit guides/ angels.

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I did not know what these numbers meant at first but when I began to seek understanding, answers were downloaded into my spirit.

At times when you feel alone and do not know which way to go, close your eyes, breathe and ask your angels for guidance. If you are thinking about taking a leap of faith but your gut is in knots from fear, during these times if you really take a good look around, you have messages all around you to guide you and redirect you.

What about that song that comes on the radio and you were just thinking about it? When I am down and/or trying to figure out my next best move, songs will come on the radio that are speaking to me directly.

We are not alone. The Universe supports us. Now more than ever I notice synchronicities. It is a normal part of my life as I am always seeking guidance from my angels/spirit guides.

They can see what I can not as sometimes my vision is blurred due to me being consumed in the energies of certain emotions. It is easy to get consumed in complaining, poverty mindset, worry and fear. When we make decisions stemming from these low vibrational emotions, we are doing ourselves and the world a disservice.

When I find myself in certain states of mind, I take the time to meditate and ask my angels/spirit guides for guidance. It feels amazing to know that even in times when others can not help me because they do not understand me, I am still not on this journey alone. I have help and so do you.

Synchronicities are not coincidences, they are messages. The more you notice them, the more peace you will feel. You are never alone.


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