I Got Fired from My Job


The moment you learn you are terminated from your job can be one of the most shocking moments of your life. How will you take care of yourself with no job? The moment I learned I was no longer employed was the moment I felt freer than I had felt in a long time.

You are probably asking who gets happy about losing a job?! This chick!

Working in an unpleasant environment can become stressful. My position required that I create and set the tone for the facility and this required strenuous work physically and mentally.

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A Blow to My Creativity

Creative is my middle name so doing this was not the problem. My creative ideas that stemmed from the needs and wants of others were considered “too much”. Toning it down caused my supervisors to question my creativity. The finish line kept moving. There was a huge resistance.

This weighed heavy for awhile and contributed to the imbalance in my life. I dreaded going to work. It took a lot more self care to deal with the stresses.


Holistic Techniques

I started diffusing essential oils in my office, smudging and playing binaural beats to keep the good vibes. Due to my love for the people at this location I felt I owed them everything because after all it was my job to keep them happy. Can we really keep everyone happy? No.

Quitting seemed impossible as how would I cover the expenses that the job assisted me with? There was no way that I could leave. So many questions went through my head. I went from mindful to mindFULL.

Job Loss

I recently had a family emergency that required some time off. With my back against the wall, feeling like a punching bag to life, I lost my job.

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A huge sense of relief traveled through my being. I knew everything would be ok. There is a peace in my spirit. I lost myself in the job and it imprisoned me.

Taking the responsibility of making everyone else’s lives easier (whether they were grateful for me or not) while fighting to stay happy in my own personal life was very challenging. But, I made it.

Losing My Way


I relocated to my new location to grow in my career and when I started this job it consumed me. I eventually quit school to make time for more time to rest and started giving my personal works the leftover energy from the workday. Losing my job was not hurtful, it freed me. This new journey is one that I am excited about as I have more energy than ever to put towards my passion.

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Letting Go

I had reached the end of the road. New beginnings are now here and I am embracing every moment!

I am so appreciative of the lessons that I have learned at this location and I am forever grateful for the release. It is time to soar!

Are you working a job that stresses you?



  1. I was once so too and then on January 31st 2019, I quit my job, to blog full-time and also to start my creative copywriting and content writing for the beauty industry here in Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago . It’s slow, but I am not giving up.

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