How to do the Greenhouse Method on Natural Hair

Usually when we hear the word greenhouse we think of growing plants. Just like plants, our hair requires moisture-water. The idea of doing the greenhouse method can seem out of the box for some if you do not know how it can benefit the hair. To understand how it can work, you must first understand the makeup of the hair.

Our hair strands consist of multiple layers. The outermost layer is called the cuticle. This layer allows water to go into the hair strand. You can determine how well you are able to retain moisture by doing a hair porosity test.

Learn How to Test Your Hair Porosity

Just like a greenhouse for plants, you will cover your hair strands to trap in your natural body heat. This in return assists with the penetrating of the hair cuticle. Before you cover your hair for the greenhouse effect, it is beneficial to apply an oil blend and or hair butter.

Learn How Exactly to do the Greenhouse Method for Natural Hair Here.


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