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Greetings, I am GoddessTea. I’m from the West Coast but I was raised in South, Georgia – to be exact. I decided to return natural because my roots literally did not want to be anything else, but natural, F R E E! Surprisingly enough, my father supported my decision to loc my hair 100%, he even helped me maintain it!
I transitioned from straightening my hair to rocking an afro to then loc’ing it up completely. I don’t regret a second or a strand!! My favorite products are now ones that I create!
My ‘Crown Oil’ is a hair growth/strengthening moisturizer for any and all hair textures. I use it to nourish my scalp and as a retwist potion for my locs.

Another product I LOVE using is Biotin Hair Gel by Natures Gift located in Stonecrest Mall, GA. It’s not too heavy and still gets the job done for a great retwist look! My hair care regimen is rose water and ‘Crown Oils’. Every other day I spritz a little fresh organic rose water on my scalp followed by a relaxing scalp massage of the ‘Crown Oils’.

I think embracing our natural hair is a fad to an extent of returning back to our natural roots. A good fad.
Everyone inspires me to continue on this journey. No matter the style, I love seeing us express ourselves unapologetically. Be you, with no regrets or shrinkage.
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