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Hey hey my blossoms. My name is Victoria Crystal. I am originally from Brooklyn,
NY and I currently reside in New Jersey. I am an administrative assistant in the day Monday through Friday and an Artist all day and night.

Looking in the mirror of my hair story, I can remember the twist and turns of each style. Like many babies, I had baby hair -silky and easy to brush- just add a cute headband (sometimes). Until my precious hair follicles began to kink (gain more of courser curl pattern). As a toddler into elementary school, I moved up the hair ladder to barrettes, bow-bows, twists, cornrows and styles. In my late elementary school days to the break of junior high came the early morning hot comb. Then Bing-Bam-Boom here came the PERM. Of course, the reason being, as I got older my hair became courser. This creamy mixture was the more permanent solution to the “unmanageable” hair of a pre-teen black girl living n America. Plus, everyone and their mama was doing it, even though it burned the scalp just a little, the main idea was it made the hair straight. But I guess it will always be “the pain women should go through to meet the “Americanized Standard of Beauty” to achieve the hair of “today’s most popular woman”, long, straight, silky and manageable hair.


In my point of view, my mother and many women are from the era where many
women got trapped in the mindset of “straight hair” is the best way of life and till this day she has not kicked the mindset. They try to pass this down to their daughters and fail, which brings me and other women here today.

As I got older my hair was under my command and I permed it on and off. It was
what I knew to do. In between the “need” of a perm, I wore braids, cornrows
extension styles, weaves both curly and straight, ponytail extensions, and I wrapped my hair in fabrics. My in-between- time for a perm was always overdue because unlike my mother I could not stand my hair being straight and so slick down to me head. Like ughh, my hair was flat and thin to the point I had to wait about 3 weeks to feel comfortable as the perm grew out. I always waited longer than the instructed timeframe of a fresh perm- like two months instead of six weeks. No part of me was ever hyped to get a fresh perm.

Better Back

At the age of 19, I said bye-bye to the perm life. I quickly transitioned to being a natural with an Afro (loose-natural). I didn’t big chop I just grew it all out. I remember one day that year, I took off my ponytail and found out about my afro. I was so happy. I was still getting kinky twists, cornrow extension styles and weaves but under it all I was natural. No Perm.


A few years later, at 24 years old, I transitioned to manicured locs with the thought that this was the next step for my hair. I loved them dearly. They grew beautifully and happy with them. However, as they would grow so long, I did cut them and they grew right back. They were a bit heavy and more than I could deal with at the time and I was impulsive. I cut them off four years later and went back to my Afro. At the tip of my thirties I decided to cut my edges and back down, wearing the top Afro (loose-natural). I then cut it all off to a very low haircut. I eventually grew my hair out again to an Afro (loose natural).

Here I am now reflecting on my Afro, I must say  that all-natural hair phases are beautiful. However, for me, the detangling and such became a daunting task. To have to fix and prep my hair and find a style for the day or week became so overwhelming and exhausting. It was never the true me. Yes, I love my natural hair. All in all, I am at my ultimate crown of happiness with both My Afro and Locs. In conclusion, due to all of the above, I have arrived at semi-freeform locs. Semi- freeform locs to me means, I started them from two strand twist to give them a guided foundation and then I just love them as each of them form.


I love to wash my hair; my locs love water. Washing my locs is so blissful and an automatic soul rejuvenation for me. I feel so anew, and with semi-freeform locs a simple water rinse is superb. I love to moisturize my hair. This is now easier for me to do. I use olive oil the most, Nature’s Blessings hair pomade, Africa’s Best Olive Oil and Clove Oil Therapy and any oil that feels good and I am guided to for my hair. I spritz my hair with Rose Water daily. I wear headbands and loc beads in my hair. I love being wild and free as it comes to my hair, my crown. I have come so far and I don’t have the time to be fiddling with this product and that gel to make my hair lay and go this way and that way against its will.

All my years on this earth, I have learned that my hair (my crown) does not enjoy much manipulation or directions. She just wants to be happy and enjoy the beautiful benefits of an Afro and Locs, to be wild and grow long. My locs are just babies at the moment yet it feels like I had them forever, because I have. They were once with me and misunderstood. Time has been a blessing to me for now the Lord and Universe have given me another chance to experience this journey and beauty of locs. A spiritual, mental, physical journey of love and peace so that I can be a better being on this earth. Locs are more than just a hairstyle, they are Lifestyle. If I am a cat, they are my whiskers, to guide and protect me through life and steer me in the right direction to a better light.

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