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My name is Meryska, I also go by Memi. I was born on the west coast, grew up in the Midwest, and now live in the South. Returning natural was a necessity! I was a college student and I couldn’t afford the upkeep of a perm. I literally just stopped getting perms and started washing and conditioning my own hair. That’s probably the only thing that I did properly at that time! HA!

I went natural in 2007- so well before the natural hair movement that has recently swept through the nation. I had support from everyone. I have never felt a lack of support, but omg, I got so many questions, especially from coworkers lol. It seemed there was more curiosity than anything.

The place I worked and lived lacked diversity. There was always a challenge with support in regards to my ethnic background and culture. However, the best way for me to combat that was by making sure I visually saw others on their journeys. I would be sure to include them in my IG feed. I would also watch multiple videos and look for other naturals around me to relate to and bounce information off of. This helped me to not feel so alone and more comfortable on my journey.

I did not big chop, I am a transitioner, whoop whoop! Some of my favorite products would include Carol Daughters Leave- In Sprays (all), Shea Moisture products for low porosity hair, Cream of Nature products and Cantu Products. Oh! How can I forget about my beloved Ogx oil sprays as well as Ebin New York for my edges.

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I am now seven months loc’d. I routinely spray my hair with rose water mixed with filtered water, or just filtered water and then apply an oil blend. Since joining loc’d naturals my regimen is very simple. I wash with African Black Soap once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. I then apply a leave in cream of choice and apply oil blend over it. Every morning I spritz to moisturize and I go about my business.

For me, natural hair is not a fad. For some, I think there is a focus on staying current rather than finding out how to be true to yourself, which is what I feel the natural hair journey teaches us all about.

There are many bloggers who inspire me. For sure Naturalista4me is my main inspiration when it comes to semi free forming! I have watched all of the Naturalista4me YouTube videos and look at the IG posts religiously! LOL. My loose natural inspirations are:  mahogany curls, glam twinz, naturally niecey, curly proverbs, power in your curl, naptural85. My loc’d inspirations are: pretty hippie, natural nirvana, Keisha Charmaine, spiritedxkulture and essence of shay.

If I could inspire someone to embrace their natural hair, I would say to just imagine how it would feel to not put excessive effort into presenting your hair to the world, but rather to just enhance what you already have and let the world accept you as you are. It will be the most liberating experience ever!

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