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CBD for Back Pain

Taking CBD for back pain relief is becoming more and more popular as many are opting for a more natural way to treat their pain. Consequently, many medications contain ingredients that can be harmful and cause unwanted side effects. Alternatively, CBD may be a safer option.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the single leading cause of disability, therefore, preventing many people from engaging in work and other day activities. And, I was in that number. I experienced back pain for a little over six months.

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Sanare Smart CBD for Back Pain Relief

Sanare Smart offers CBD products to help reduce pain. CBD can provide effective relief from arthritis and joint pain.  Additionally, it contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that reduce pain and ease stiffness. Lastly, it can be beneficial in treating conditions such as anxiety and depression.  

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Sanare Smart researches and develops pain relief products utilizing cannabinoids, terpenoids, and essential oils.  All of their products use hemp derived cannabinoids together with organic essential oils and terpenes for maximum pain relief.

I decided to give CBD a try to manage my upper back pain . The two products I used were the California Orange Tincture and the Advanced Topical Pain Relief Lotion/Cream.

Twice a day, I placed the CBD tincture underneath my tongue and held it there for 60 seconds before swallowing. Then, I applied the Advanced Topical Pain Relief Lotion on my neck, shoulders and upper back for maximum pain relief. 

The tincture has an aroma and taste of orange zest. Surprisingly, the topical pain relief cream has a very pleasant spicy aroma that sends me on a journey of reminiscing about holiday spice desserts. You are sure to smell tasty! Undoubtedly, the combination of the CBD tincture and CBD pain relief lotion worked together to reduce my pain.

Back pain

CBD and the Chiropractor

According to Ability Rehabilitation, the nervous system uses the spine to transmit electrical impulses resulting in feelings of sensation. A damaged spinal cord can interrupt neural responses, disabling sensations in certain parts of the body.

After learning this, I decided that it was time to visit a doctor to check on the health of my spine. I am such a lucky gal! I found a chiropractor who is also passionate about holistic health. Pairing my visits to the chiropractor with Sanare Smart products helped me to naturally reduce and eventually completely eliminated my pain. 

My chiropractor advised me that complications of the spine can ultimately result in symptoms such as constipation, breathing problems, uterine disorders, headaches, nausea, trouble sleeping, menstrual cycle disorders and bladder problems- just to name a few.

It can benefit you greatly to visit a chiropractor.

Discovering the Root Cause

Understanding the root cause of your pain is very important. Instead of taking care of the original problem, many choose to take medications to soothe symptoms. This is also known as band-aiding.

Addiction to pain pills can also occur if you do not get down to the niddy griddy of why you are experiencing pain. In my case, I learned my spine is not as healthy as it can be so I am taking the steps to take care of the root cause.

Getting my spine healthier includes visiting my chiropractor weekly for adjustments. I must say that after a couple weeks of visiting my doctor and using Sanare Smart products, I no longer experience pain that interrupts my day. I have more energy and can enjoy my day without having to lay down to rest due to my back pain.

Many people tolerate their pain and it has become a huge part of their everyday life. You do not have to live this way. Stop existing and start living!

Reduce your pain today with Sanare Smart products. 

CBD for back pain relief

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