Heaven Scent Rejuvenating Oils Review

Essential oil blends are one of my favorite go to’s for relaxation, internal health, skin care and hair care. They are a potent medicinal part of a plant that supports overall health.

I connected with the owner of Heaven Scent Rejuvenating Oils (Sherrie Sullivan) in a business group on Facebook and inquired about trying her blends for relaxation and eczema. We had an in depth consultation over the phone to discuss my needs. I received my blends within one week. She advised me not to apply the oil to broken bleeding skin as it could cause it to burn. Fortunately, I was not experiencing skin irritation to that extent so I was able to use it right away. It was soothing and smelled great.


The relaxation blend is wonderful as it relaxed me immediately after application. Before getting ready for bed, I smelled the blend and applied to the tip of my nose.


This blend helped me to wind down and sleep peacefully the entire night. Right before bed can be the worst when your mind is in overdrive. Great rest paves the way for a great start in the morning and improves overall health.


Getting a blend from Heaven Scent Rejuvenating Oils was a great choice because they took the time to listen to my personal needs and educated me on the many benefits of their products and more.

If you are a beginner at using essential oils, they have a lot of knowledge that can help boost your confidence in incorporating oils into your lifestyle to better your health. 


Order your personalized blend. http://www.heavenscentrejuvenatingoils.com/.



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