Is the Universe Punishing Me?

Life is like a rollercoaster. One minute I am up and the next I am screaming internally as I dive to the bottom swiftly.

I sometimes ask myself what have I done to keep finding myself in this familiar space. This question swirls around in my thoughts and consumes my entire day – if I allow it. A lady wants answers! Spirit provided me a message in the most unexpected way.

Starting Over Again

My family recently moved into our beautiful new home after being homeless for over six months due to job and family circumstances. Once again, a familiar space. Life is so unpredictable. Who wants to experience being homeless twice? The good thing is we can overcome challenging times as these so it’s not the end of the world although it feels like it when you are going through.

Very often I browse yard sale groups and Facebook marketplace to get what nots. I came across a listing of a basket I wanted and it was accompanied by some baby books. I reached out to arrange a time to pick up the basket.

The contact person asked if I would also take the expecting mothers baby books as she wanted to get rid of them. They would not have served me but I thought about a friend who shared with me that one of their friends is expecting. She also gave me a baby swing to give away.

In this pile of books there was one that was not a baby book titled Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul. I decided to keep it as something was telling me that I needed to hold onto that one.

Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul

I found myself stuck in my head again asking the Universe why me and then it hit me. Tell your mind to shut up for a minute and go get that darn Chicken Soup book. So I did.

Chapter one was just for me. I will not share the entire book with you because you must read it if you are experiencing troubled times but I will share how this book helped me right away.

The first story in this book talked about a man who planted trees. A fellow friend asked him why doesn’t he water his trees and furthermore why does he beat them with a newspaper every morning. How could you expect the trees to flourish the friend asked. The man’s response was that he was growing strong trees that could deeply root themselves to find the water they needed and beating them with the paper woke them up.

This may sound silly but it worked! The trees grew strong and robust.

The friend decided to grow his own trees. He watered them often and treated them with such great care. Well, his trees did not compare to his friends, in fact they were very weak. He admired the robust trees so much that he still rode by them to admire their beauty twenty five years later.

My mouth and mind was wide open. The trees had more than enough water to supply their needs but they had to deeply root themselves. In doing so they became strong and able to withstand various conditions.

The newspaper beatings appear harsh but just like life, obstacles and circumstances can be harsh. Does that mean we should throw in the towel?

The trees grew to be strong and robust. As we take the steps to ground ourselves we can withstand our obstacles and grow beautifully and strong because of them just like the trees.



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