How to Maintain Inner Peace No Matter What

Growing up tiny framed was very challenging for me as it placed me in an uncomfortable space where bullying occurred. While I was skinny as a pole, my peers blossomed into curvy women. I remained small until I gave birth to my first child.

Being highly critical of myself is only one of the reasons why I struggled with inner peace. My thoughts were full of negative self chatter. Because of this, I began to experience more chaotic circumstances. Life lesson learned, we must check our energy as we are always creating on autopilot.

Because my peace was disturbed due to self image issues, I could not find much good in my life-if at all- during the time. There was no peace within me.

I have had many other moments in my younger adult life but I eventually got to a point where I started looking at myself in the mirror and acknowledging how very proud of myself I am for breaking that mental chain.

Below are four questions that I ask myself when I am faced with inner conflict that have been transformational and helps me maintain my inner peace in challenging times.

I ask myself these four questions:

What is perfect?

Everyone is unique so who is the perfect person that we are trying to compare ourselves to resulting in inner criticism chit chat?

Whether you are comparing physical appearance, financial status, etc. it can be easy to find yourself emotionally and mentally imprisoned to the circumstances. This is not a peaceful state of being. For me, it is very chaotic and causes a lot of anxiety.

Is it worth my peace?

Is the situation going to interfere with your peace of mind? Will it disturb your sleep or cause high stress levels? Your inner peace is imperative to being able to calmly withstand, understand, and overstand what is taking place and to trust the lesson within that circumstance that will be exposed in time if you seek understanding.

What can I learn from this?

Looking at what you could learn from something maintains the student within. You are always learning and therefore can teach to help others do the same. A lesson learned enhances life as we constantly grow.

Am I trying to control everything instead of allowing divinity to take place?

It can be easy to get in your own way. Trusting the process is important as your energy does contribute to your reality. If you are trying to control every aspect of a situation it could cause many more disappointments.

We must remember, we are not in this alone. Have faith and wait on divine intervention while you continue to put one foot in front of the other towards a better you.

Incorporate these questions into your daily life for at least thirty days. After that, take a good look at yourself, your attitude about life, how some things may have shifted and so on.


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