Naturalista Marsha

My name is Marsha Zeigler. I decided to return natural because I could feel how strong the chemicals in perms were. After doing the big chop, I wore my hair in twist outs, braids and afros for about four years. Then, I grew tired of the maintenance so I decided to loc my hair. I have been locked for six years now.

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I had support from everyone in my decision to return natural. I would notice strangers staring at my hair when I did the initial big chop but thats about it.

I started my locs with two strand twists and palm roll them for maintenance. I eventually moved into interlocking as well to have my roots stay in tact a bit longer.

Some of my favorite products are Cantu products. I moisturize as well using Cantu leave in.

Some of my favorite go to hairstyles are a bun and I sometimes plait my hair into several braids. When I take the braids down it has a beautiful crinkly look. I also like to use pipe cleaners to create curls.

I decided to loc due to low maintenance. My hair care regimen consists of a retwist every three months. I wash my hair every two weeks. For inspiration I have followed Prettipoison on Youtube for a while and also Keisha Charmaine.

If I could inspire you to embrace your natural hair, I would tell you to look in the mirror and embrace everything you see. No makeup is required , no lashes, no perm….just you with nothing on is what you need to embrace. Enhancements are okay BUT you need to internally be okay with looking at yourself with nothing on and feel pure JOY- just be yourself.

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