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My name is Dashay Johnson but on my social media platforms, I am known by ShaySkyler.

As a child growing up, I had thick, rich and long beautiful hair. In high school I decided to follow the trend of perming because I was tired of my kinky curls, however, that was the worst mistake I’ve ever made. The perm thinned my hair so I decided to cut it into a pixie cut.

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After going through that stage for a year, I decided it was time to grow my hair back. In 2012 the natural hair community was flourishing so I big chopped, and here I am back and better than ever ! 

Support From Family and Friends

I returned natural by doing the big chop but I wish I would have transitioned. My mother was very upset when I returned natural but my grandmother was LIVID! She didn’t agree with me getting a perm, or cutting my hair. After I told her that I big chopped in order to grow my hair back, she understood.

I remember my mom taking me to go get a wig because she hated the fact that I cut it. It made me very self conscious about my decision, but now I am super happy I did it.

I decided to start my YouTube channel to let my viewers in on my natural hair journey (the good and the bad) even though I got no support for family members and some friends. YouTube allowed me to express myself without holding back. I was able to be natural and free. 

My Favorite Products

Mielle organics are one of my favorite products! Listen, their pomegranate and honey line is absolutely amazing and gives my curls amazing results. I have also fallen in love with the wetline xtreme gel. It allows my wash and go’s to flourish with no residue. 

Some of My Favorite Hairstyles

I love to wear my “spritz and go’s” which is an easier version of a wash and go. It’s quicker to dry and leaves your hair big on the first day. I also love a two strand twist and flexirod on stretched hair. 

How I Moisturize My Hair

Water water water! I can’t stress the importance of applying water to your tresses. Along with deep conditioning once a month.

My Hair Care Regimen

Trimming my ends twice a year, not applying heat, protective styles and watering my hair daily keeps my hair healthy.

My Thoughts On Natural Hair Being a Fad

I think the natural hair movement has grown and it has created enthusiasm for others to stop perming and embrace their kinky tresses. The community thrives and excels daily and many people have shown mad love to join love and passion to the movement. 

It wasn’t until last year that I decided to take a stand and go against the grain of my negative thoughts. I started loving my hair and caring for it, and it shows. My hair is growing and flourishing. It has indeed shed light on my personality and passion.

I have become content with me as a whole and I strive to help others on their journey as well. My daughter is also natural and she loves her curls and that alone gives me pride and joy to love mine even more.

Who Inspires Me On My Journey

I truly inspire myself. It literally took me years to not only start wearing my natural hair but also, embrace it. People talked about my big chop, picked at me and called me names. That left me torn and insecure. I would flat iron my hair so it was bone straight or keep a wig on to hide my curls.

If I could inspire someone to embrace their natural hair, I would you say to them-love your hair!  no matter what the texture, color or length. You are a unique individual and so is your hair and God made you perfectly perfect! Don’t compare your curls to someone else, instead find what works for you and go with it! Your hair is beautiful 😊

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