Staying Strong Especially When Going Through Troubled Times

by Phoenix Ryzin

Just a short while ago had anyone told me that I would be writing about ways to remain strong during troubled times, I would have simply laughed in their face.

Two years ago my life was in a complete mess. I had no choice but to maneuver through the mess to come out clean on the other side. Let me start from the beginning…

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I had been working the same dead end job for what seemed like forever. I wanted to do something that would be a challenge and compensate me on how I felt I deserved.

Out of nowhere I lost that job. I had not seen it coming. How would I make ends meet? That alone took me down a road of sadness and despair.


Providing For My Children

I had children to feed and clothe and a household to run. Now I had no earthly idea how I would get this done. I looked for work but nothing was coming through. I let my faith in my abilities slowly waiver. Before you know it, I had lost all hope in the betterment of my situation.

Bills were beginning to pile up and I had responsibilities that needed my immediate attention. Rent was due, lights over due, water turned off and I had no insurance on my car and before long the whole car was repossessed.

The kids were needing clothes, football and soccer gear, beta club dues and field trip money due all at the same time. I had all of these things going on but no idea how I would make something out of nothing. I had no idea what I would do or if there was anything at all that I could do to make my situation better.


Ask And You Shall Receive

I cried and cried not really knowing what else to do. Then I heard a voice whisper to me “all you have to do is ask and it is yours. Cry out to me, this is my battle not yours!” I did just that.

I had a whole conversation with God and before long the tears stopped. I no longer felt burdened with all of my problems. Instead, I felt relief that I now had someone fighting for me. I no longer wanted to crawl under a rock. Instead, I wanted to face the music because I knew that great things were ahead.

Gratitude and Growth

From that moment forward I no longer complained about my problems or any issues I was having. Instead, I put my trust in the word. I’m not what one would call religious but I do believe in God and the power that he holds.

I put all of my trust in him. I knew that everything I had been going through was no longer an issue. I felt it in the pit of my stomach. From then on everything was taken care of.

I had been offered a perfect job with great pay. All of my bills were paid up and my children had everything they needed.

When you are going through troubled times in life, put your trust in a higher power. Believe that everything will work out in its own divine timing.

Troubles don’t last always!


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