My Journey and Personal Revelations I’ve Gained Through Entrepreneurship

by Jeanette Jae Renna Townsend

I decided one day that I was going to be a Makeup Artist, and at the time everyone and I do mean EVERYONE thought I was nuts! You see, I already had a blooming career in healthcare, but I literally found myself absolutely miserable! Like, contemplating tripping my Superior down a flight of stairs miserable (drastic right? But so true.). And like most people I decided to just jump headfirst in a career that I wasn’t prepared for.

In the Beginning

I had training in cosmetology but let’s just face it there is literally one chapter out of sixty that even touched base on makeup in class. So, I tried taking the initiative and reach out to some senior artist to try to assist, and man did they give me the cold shoulder (and I’m pretty sure some eye rolls). Did that deter me? Nope!

So, me being determined I took the path of least resistance and tried learning what I could myself. That’s right, you heard me I was self-taught (with the assistance of YouTube U). Even though I had heard about 50 trillion No’s (not an actual number) I was determined to one day hear yes!

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I practiced like my life depended on it, and even jacked some people up along the way, lol. Now don’t get me wrong they loved their makeup, but I on the other hand found flaws in everything I did.

Just Give It Up

My family, and my boyfriend told me I should just forget my dream and work in healthcare. I remember one time my boyfriend and I got into an argument and he said, “I’m dating a girl who is working in the ER, not a makeup artist!” and I am not gone lie I felt a little defeated at that time.

My own mother would always ask me “you STILL doing that little thing you do?”. My quotations on this topic can go on and on, but I’m going to spare you the gory details. No one was taking me seriously and some things had to change, but what was it? I was clueless about what it was, so I prayed for an answer.

One day it hit me, like when you hear “Cash money taking over for the 99 and the 2000’s” (insert dance moves)! People weren’t taking me seriously because, I wasn’t taking myself seriously! You see I had to change my mindset and my image to take my brand from the appearance of being a “hobby” to a business.

Now doing that isn’t easy and its for damn sure hella lonely as I was losing friends, relationships, and family members I thought would always be around. But what I realized is that everyone isn’t meant to go on your journey! The path and the vision you have is meant to be nurtured by you and you alone.

Saying Yes To Myself

If you were anything like me, you were secretly looking for the praise from others to validate you and your decisions, and frankly that’s what I personally had to change immediately.

I dug deep and made the decision that this thing (Makeup) was gonna have to twerk! I took chances and invested in myself even when I didn’t have it and literally treat Jae Renna Artistry as my only plan, NO PLAN B’s. I have been laughed at, talked about, used and dragged through the trenches. But guess what?! I’m still here standing firm in my brand. The people I went to before for guidance now ask me for advice and guidance.

Believe In Yourself

Who cares what people think? Who cares if they talk about you and not support you? For every five people who laugh and scoff you have about fifteen cheering you on, and the funny thing is you may not even know them! Validation from others shouldn’t be a main reason, you went into business for yourself. And honestly if that’s the mindset you have you will fail!

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Do it because you love it! Do it because when you’re in your element you are FREE! I found my niche in makeup and it has taken me to some pretty dope places. Places I would’ve never imagined. Do I have it all figured out? NOPE! Is it easy for me all the time? Hell NO! But I do it because I love what I do, and I’m dope AF at it!

If you find something you love…DO IT…MASTER IT…MONETIZE IT! And toss your middle finger up to anybody who CRITICIZES IT!


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