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My name is Angel Abike Idowu   – AKA Queen Abike Idowu from Chicago. I have
been natural , besides color, since I was in my twenties. I am forty-nine now and a Retired Licensed Cosmetologist.

Since I was a hairstylist, and this started so long ago for me, it has never been a major deal being natural! Due to the confidence that I have in myself, what other people thought (besides my best friend Hunter) never mattered to me.

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My Dread Journey

Before I started my dreads, my hair was natural and to the bottom of my jawline already so there was nothing to do. I started with double strand twists, I didn’t part, I just grabbed sections of hair. My hair was color treated (platinum) at the time and too soft to dread. I felt that was a good way to start.

Honestly, in the very beginning, I was just letting my hair Freeform – keeping it clean and not bothering it. However, when my best friend freaked out a little, I broke them down to twists.

October 2019 will be sixteen years and seven years totally Freeform. A lot of my journey is on YouTube but not from the very start. I think when I started there was no YouTube!

My Go To Products

I am not a product person by far! I water rinse only and don’t use anything that I don’t have in my kitchen or can’t buy from a health food or grocery store. The Aloe plant is good for some moisture at times-I love it.

I also use essential oils, teas, ACV (apple cider vinegar) a couple times a year for a deep cleanse, rosewater (I make at home) as an everyday mist and coconut oil on my grey area (scalp only) from time to time.

My Hair Maintenance Routine

I am very basic with my Freeform. I try to pull the front back and tie each side together using my hair only and let it hang away from my face. Every now and then a low bun and for dance class, because of the length (it is almost to my knees!), a couple thick braids so they won’t be in the way!

Healthy hair starts from within for me. I get my nutrients from green smoothies and raw vegetables. Moisture comes from drinking a gallon or more of water a day.


I water rinse weekly in the summer and every two weeks in the winter, sometimes more or less depending on my activities and sweat level. I also do herbal tea rinses from time to time, ACV Rinses twice a year and use essential oils (especially jojoba with distilled water in a spray bottle) directly on my scalp after water rinsing. I keep it real simple and natural.

Is Natural Hair a Fad?

I feel it is a fad for some, but for me it is definitely a lifestyle and for a lot of mature Empresses (I have noticed) as well. Lately, I have been seeing a lot of Princesses embracing natural hair at my lil Goddess’ school.

Be Inspired

I inspire myself and others as far as hair on my YouTube channel and other social media platforms. A BIG part of this journey is nutrition. I have learned a great deal from my YouTube Regal Family during our live chats on Sundays at 4pm CDT.

If I could inspire someone else, I would tell them to embrace what comes naturally and free to us. Stop thinking about long weaves, Faux dreads, wigs, relaxers etc that you see on TV. They try to set the standard for what beauty is but it is all fake.

There are many people who copy everything we are about but with much effort! It takes nothing for us to be natural and unique. We are Regal and Royal Empresses. Stay true to yourself.

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