The Importance of Iodine

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I was going through a pile of books and discovered one I picked up at a Season’s Market a month or so ago. It is 84 pages and it had my attention from the beginning to the end. I had no idea how important iodine is for our health.

Robert Thompson M.D. discusses in What Doctor’s Fail to Tell You About Iodine and Your Thyroid, how iodine (before synthetic drugs and antibiotics) was recommended for everything.


I have heard of iodine before but it simply did not peak my interest for me to research it further until now. I encourage you to also do your own research.

What is Iodine?

According to Rare, Iodine, a trace mineral, is present in certain vegetables and seafood and is essential for normal thyroid functioning. It’s often added to salt to prevent iodine deficiency. Symptoms include enlargement of the thyroid gland causing a bulge in the neck (goiter). Fatigue, constipation, and sensitivity to cold temperatures may also occur. Treatment includes iodine supplements.

How Iodine Supports Your Health

It is important that we maintain healthy levels of iodine as it supports the proper functioning of the thyroid which regulates the metabolic rate, heart and digestive functioning, mood, brain and bone development.

It has been referred to as the Universal Medicine by Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. That says a whole lot to me!

My Personal Iodine Supplements

I purchased these supplements (Iodine Gold by NutriGold) in Clarksville, TN at the Season’s Market. The recommended dosage is one capsule a day. When I took the first one my stomach was upset a bit but within an hour I was fine. I am still taking them and have yet to experience another upset stomach.

With the constant lack of nutrients and minerals in our foods today, it is important that we take the steps to supplement whenever needed. Speak with your physician before starting any new supplements as they many counteract with prescription medications.

I will be sharing an update on how my health has enhanced after incorporating it into my lifestyle!


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