Holistic Health and Hair

The use of the words Holistic Health has grown tremendously over the decades, although, this practice or approach to life has gone on for centuries. According to Acupuncture Massage College, in the article Holistic Health Definition: The Essential Elements | Acupuncture and Massage College | Miami, FL, this terminology came about in more recent times in the 1970s.

What is Holistic Health? 

It is the understanding that we must focus on ourselves as a whole and not solely on parts of us. When one part of you alters, it can have effects on other body systems and your overall energy creating a non-harmonious environment. This is the perfect environmental state for disease to manifest whether mentally or physically.  

Holistic Health and Hair

My approach to a healthy hair journey is quite unique as I do not focus just on my hair being healthy, I focus on being healthy as a whole. If I take care of my inner health, I know it will reflect in my outer. If I take care of my outer by being mindful of what I apply to my hair and skin, I am also supporting the proper functioning of my inner.

This approach has helped me to achieve healthy natural hair and has also transformed my life in many areas- career, relationships and more.

Holistic health is not separate from hair care. It is inclusive of it.  ~Qwania Dixon

Stress alone can have a grand effect on your hair, both female and male. If you knew how to position yourself to be able to handle the lessons of life then you can maintain healthy states of being. 


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Let’s break holistic health down a little further. 


The mind is brilliant in its operations. It is consistently recording what we do, hear and see on a daily basis and thousands and thousands of thoughts create different emotions for us. These emotions can send us into different states of being like depression, stressed, anxious, worried and fearful. These states are low vibrational and places the body in a state that can cause health complications. 

Being mindful of your thoughts and learning how to allow and choose to let be can be beneficial for quieting the mind. Sitting in the emotions manifested from our thoughts of the past or future only causes worry, sadness and anxiety.

Incorporating meditation, daily positive affirmations, eating more nourishing foods, spending time in nature and being mindful of what you listen to and how it makes you feel are some ways to get your mind in a much calmer state. You will notice change in your life as the mind changes, so will your reality.  


Our body is intriguing. Everything about us has a purpose as our cells operate collectively to support life. It even has the power to heal itself. Of course we must support it and believe it so in order to provide the environment for this to happen.  That takes you back to the mind and how what you think is so. The body follows the mind.

If you are experiencing any medical conditions, this could have an effect on your hair growth cycle. Some blood pressure medications have been linked to hair thinning and hair loss.  

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Taking care of our body is important as it supports the health of our outer (hair and skin).  

Ways to take care of your body: 

  1. Get plenty of rest. 
  2. Eat nourishing foods 
  3. Exercise/Stretch/Be active 
  4. Spend time in nature. 
  5. Do more of what you love- go dancing, have some wine, hang with friends. 
  6. Use healthier health, beauty and lifestyle products
  7. Read. Knowledge can boost your health in so many ways. When you know more you can incorporate more.  
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Reading books and teachings, attending spiritual gatherings, spending time in nature, praying and meditating are some of the ways I feed my spirit.  

Meditation helps me to quiet the fuss of the outside world and tune into my inner self where it is quiet and peaceful. In this space I receive guidance and answers. Sometimes I receive downloads in my spirit that I do not understand right away. That is ok because I know I will when the time is right.  


When I do not do these things, I begin to feel uneasy, drained.  If I do not eat nourishing foods, I also begin to feel uneasy and drained. If I do not take care of my mind, I begin to feel uneasy and drained. 

All are connected and can have adverse effects on the other. Taking care of your mind, body and soul is one of the best things you can do to not only support a healthy hair journey, but to also live a fulfilled life. 

Products and Holistic Health 

If you apply a product full of chemicals on your hair or skin, this could cause a reaction in the body and overtime contribute to health complications or be the originator of it. If you are looking at your hair journey from a holistic health perspective, you will think about all elements.  

You can ask yourself these questions: 

  1. Does this product contain ingredients that are linked to cancers and/or other diseases? 
  2. Does this product support my internal although it is promising me great external appearance effects? 
  3. Does this support my health at all?

These are just a few to get you started.  

When you become happier, everything begins to flourish around you, your life, your hair, your skin, everything.  


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