Do You Find Yourself Down A lot? You Must Read This

Your emotional state of being sends out a signal to the Universe and it responds to these signals whether good or bad. If you are not aware of the power of your emotions, you may find yourself in constant chaos, and experiencing more things to validate how you already feel. The energy state that we give is what we get back and is reflected in our day to day life experiences.

There was a time in my life when I could not understand why I kept repeating cycles. After long hours of research, meditation sessions, and repetition of new learned beliefs, behaviors and changed habits, it finally got through to the depths of my being that I was creating and re-experiencing situations in my life because of my emotions.

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Your emotions, thoughts and words create what you are experiencing in your reality. The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill are two of my favorite books that discuss the importance of mind, thoughts, emotions and energy for creating the life you desire.

If you are consistently in an emotional state that is not in alignment with joy, love, peace and other blissful emotions, you are telling the Universe what you are and desire more of. We must remember that the Universe is fulfilling the order you are placing with your emotional states.

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Going Within

After some self-reflection, I discovered I needed to do something different in my routine as I had slipped into the state of the monkey mind . The monkey mind references to having a busy mind. 

Symptoms began to manifest in my body as aches, nausea and stomach complications. I felt in a hurry, anxious. My sleeping pattern also changed.  In this emotionally chaotic space, the experiences in my reality became more chaotic so I had to make a change quickly. 

Meditation Mala


Last night, I watched a video on Gaia (Stay Inspired Ultimate Truth Oneness with Joe Dispenza). It discussed the relationship between our mind and heart and how they can work in oneness. If we can become conscious of our emotional states, we can create oneness with our mind and heart and in this space is where healing and transformation takes place.

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A New Day, A New Way

This morning, I decided to do things differently to help me adjust my energy and it couldn’t be my usual routine- at all. I decided to do yoga. It was an interesting experience, one that I look forward to doing again, and again.

After Yoga, I cleaned our home- this is therapeutic and helps me to spread my love and gratitude throughout it. Shortly after that, I went for a walk and jog with our 19 week old puppy, Emerson.

This was a great way to start my day.

Check Emerson out below!

If your current routine is no longer serving you, it is ok to step it up a notch or two or three.

The Desire for Change

Things will change, it is guaranteed, but do you want it to change for the better? In order to see change you must first change within. A great start is by being mindful of your emotions and how long you stay in that state. Instead, observe the thought and emotion to understand and then find something to do that brings you joy. One of my favorites is to have a moment of gratitude.

Life may become more challenging after you start making these changes but like the amazing Les Brown stated in one of his motivational speeches, “You must pick your pain. You can hurt now right where you are or you can choose to hurt in order to get to where you want to be. Pick your pain, either way it’s going to hurt”.

Starting today, challenge yourself to be mindful of your emotional states for 21 days. Take the steps to alter your emotional state whenever necessary. Jump up and down at work if you need! Do that at your own risk. Naturalista4me is not responsible for job losses due to joyful energy aligning outbursts. Haha!

Note the changes that take place in your life for the better when you do more to feel better and live life.

Practice your power of choice to stay where you are or to progress towards where you desire to be.



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