How To Always Be Happy

by Lyn Smith

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Your Happiness Is Your Responsibility

If there’s one harsh truth I’ve had to learn it’s the truth stating that happiness is a choice and we have full control over that choice. Our Happiness is our responsibility, no one else’s. I found it hard to believe because life can throw some painful gut punches that we don’t deserve, and life happens and many times traumatic, painful experiences that occur in our lives are out of our control.

However, the one thing we do have control over is how we react to challenging situations and we can choose to feel the pain and figure out how we can grow from them and move forward. 

The Secret to Happiness

Do you give your power away to others? Do you care what others think of you? Do you value someone Else’s opinions over your own? Do you fear being who you are because of judgment from others? If you are struggling with either of these situations above you are giving your power away to others by sacrificing your happiness! 

The secret to maintaining happiness is having an optimistic perspective in every situation and in life in general. Stop complaining and be grateful for all you do have so the universe gives you more. Stop blaming others for how your life is at the present moment in time and accept that you are where you are in your life because of you. Take full responsibility for that and practice these two steps daily until you feel a shift internally of how you handle situations in your life. It all is a choice. 

Self Love

It is also important that you practice self-love as this is the foundation of happiness. Do you set time aside to do anything you truly enjoy doing or are passionate about? When it comes to choosing to be happy and learning how to protect your peace and maintain your happiness do you have personal boundaries set on what you will and will not tolerate from others to protect your happiness?

Putting yourself first sometimes isn’t always selfish. At the end of the day people will always put themselves and their happiness over you only you can live your life for you so why not choose happiness?

Lyn is the Founder of Network with Lyn, a platform that inspires and connects dreamers.
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