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Hey! My name is Qwania Dixon and I am married to my best friend Evans Dixon who has an amazing singing voice and we have four children. I am a country girl with a little bit of city in her who has a passion for natural hair care, nature and holistic health.

I began my natural hair journey in 2012 and I have not looked back at the creamy crack since. I chose to take my love for hair and share it publicly on various social media platforms. I also started a YouTube channel and uploaded my very first video from a cell phone. It had terrible quality and I was a nervous wreck, but I did it anyway! I was terrified of rejection but posted it anyway. Now I have over 133 videos on my YouTube Channel and supporters from all over the world. The fear of rejection is just one of those blockages I had to clear.

I am a sarcastic, family oriented, loving, beat to my own drum type of gal. I take big jumps to achieve my goals and I have many bumps and bruises from the falls, but I will not be giving up if there is breath in my body. I am driven by my passion and love for others.

Holistic health saved my life. I reached a low point years ago and I was ready to end my journey in this world. This included mindset work, money mindset work, diet and lifestyle changes just to name a few. During one of my early morning meditations I felt a deep feeling of love and safeness in my spirit. I experienced oneness with Source and my life has not been the same since.

I began to incorporate holistic tools into my life to overcome depression and suicidal thoughts. Here I am today FREE from that mental chain. There are many prescription medications that are prescribed to individuals who may be suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, but I did not want to go that route. All natural…. baby……..

I do not want to take a prescription medication for the rest of my life. Give me some herbs…. thank ya!

This blog is a platform for me to share helpful and informative tips to help you along your LIFE journey.

Enjoy, engage and stay awesome!




Lizzie P Simpson 20/03/2018 at 3:23 pm

Wow, Qwania! Your introduction touched me in a special way. I never knew as long as I’ve been knowing you! Now you have me ready to take a step towards Holistic Health! I too, have had some unusual thoughts about life. Thank you so much for sharing your story. This is my first time visiting your blog and I must say I will be returning!

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    Hi Liz!

    Thank you so much for your comment. It touched my heart and feedback like this is what inspires me to keep sharing so that I can help someone else. 🙂


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theblessedqueens queens 23/05/2018 at 1:41 am

I enjoyed reading about you 🙂 Keep up the good work and I kept smiling while reading through your text!

Love the blog!

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