Welcome to my blog! My name is Qwania Dixon and I am married to my best friend Evans Dixon who has an amazing singing voice and we have four children. I am a country girl with a little bit of city in her who has a passion for natural hair care, nature and holistic health. Enjoy, engage and most of all stay awesome!
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Episode 1: Make Your Mind Up

New Naturalista4me Podcast!
Episode 1: Make Your Mind Up


Is It Possible to Shrink Fat Cells?

By Liz Swann Miller What if I told you that there is a way to physically shrink your fat cells? Countless products and diet plans have promised as much, and more. But I am about to reveal the method that has worked wonders for hundreds of people worldwide pursuing fat reduction. It sounds too good…

How to Go Natural without Doing the Big Chop

Cutting your hair “big chop style” can be scary to imagine – I get it. I thought I would look horrible going from bone straight shoulder length hair to a short haircut. I often asked myself, what would everyone else think of me? Yea, I was concerned with what others may think but here I…


I have lived majority of my life in crippling fear. One of my biggest fears was dying so anything that seemed too risky, I did not want any part of it. There were some days I was afraid to drive after seeing accidents on the highway or hearing of someone dying due to an accident.…

Lose Weight Fast with The Red Tea Detox

Herbal teas are a favorite of mine as they are very beneficial for your health. I use herbal tea for digestive health, skin care (eczema), hair care, detox, when I am feeling under the weather ,to support the proper functioning of my organs and more. Losing weight is a challenge for many so I wanted…