I Partially Know What I Am Doing

I decided that it was finally time that I start my own little garden so I gathered my crew and we headed to the dollar store. We browsed the aisles and came across the flower bulbs and vegetable seeds and I was overjoyed. I do not know anything about planting vegetables and herbs other than just putting the seeds in the ground but after reading the back of the seed packets, I quickly learned that it wasn’t that simple.

I love simplicity. I purchased peas, bean, squash, lettuce, carrots, spinach, sage and oregano. I also purchased a seed starter tray and a few other small seed starter pots.


My six year old was very excited to help me plant the seeds as well as my oldest son but my other two children didn’t want to get their hands dirty. They just wanted to watch us work.

I followed the directions for the seed starter the best I could but I did something that was hilarious to my husband. I didn’t completely understand that you shouldn’t plant many seeds of lettuce at one time in the pot (as it is a small pot) and we planted all of them. Haha! My husband laughed at me and said we are going to have a big combination of lettuces. I must admit, it hurt my feelings a bit because I was so proud of myself. He really blew me for a moment but eventually I couldn’t help but laugh at myself. Hey, what can I say. I am a beginner who is simply trying to find her way right?

So the next thing was where will we put them so that they will receive proper sunlight. We placed the sage and oregano in the kitchen window and the rest in the sun-room area. This morning I noticed that there wasn’t adequate sunlight in the sun-room area so I placed the plants in direct sunlight in our backyard.

The ultimate goal is to start the seeds inside the smaller pots and eventually plant them in the ground once we prepare a proper space.

I would love to build a greenhouse to grow herbs and even googled some easy ways to build it but I think I want to leave that project to my husband. I am not into building things. Of course I will assist my love but the project will ultimately be his.

I asked him would he build one for me and he just looked at me so I don’t know what the answer is yet but we will see. I surely hope so. Or…..I could just start building it and he naturally assists me in whatever I am doing. Yea, I think I will get him involved this way.

As for my veggies, I am excited to be making this healthier change. Our children are watching us so we want them to live very fulfilled lives due to us being great examples. They know how much I love plants and I talk to them, literally.

We have a lucky bamboo that I need to replant as soon as possible that is in the home and we have two plants that I have yet to figure out what they are that are on our porch. My mother in-law gave them to us when we moved into our home. I would love to know what they are.

She isn’t sure what they are either so it is a mystery! I am sure I will find out eventually, I mean it has only been two years that I haven’t known. Haha!

I am sure with more research and practice, I will get the gardening thing down pack. I am crawling before walking and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out so that we can eat our own home grown veggies!

Share your tips on growing veggies to make my life a little easier!



When The Stresses of Life Keep You From The Things You Love

by Sabrina Sainthilaire- Lady In The Wilderness




I know it has been a while since I have blogged, which needless to say means that I am entirely stressed out! Besides prayer, writing is all I have to truly get out how I feel. Sometimes I think to rename my site( the Weaver because I have been told that I take life issues, complicated, and un-complicate them by weaving them together into a beautiful piece of art. Thus, I throw my issues out to the world, then bring myself understanding by staring them in the face and merging them into a semi-funny, lovingly hearty, and desirable read!

Stressor I: I have been wanting to provide a better life for my children for as long as I can remember. Now, more than ever since I am there sole parent. I have dedicated two years (in March) to finding a career path that will provide daytime hours, solid benefits, and salary pay. A field that vacation can be procured and sick leave is encouraged at the pull of a tissue! In these years I have written, re-written, and completely over-written my resume. I have a federal resume, short resume, IT resume, Law enforcement resume, educator resume….in all formats such as functional, chronological, and plain comical….funny….okay, not funny. Guess what guys, believe it or not, I GOT ‘THE’ JOB!!! How, only God! The day I got the job was so horrible that I didn’t even notice I had the job. I received an email the same afternoon from the lady I interviewed with, but left so discouraged that I didn’t check my email. I received a call the following morning stating that they needed me to sign and send back over paperwork…it still didn’t register that I had got the job! It wasn’t until late afternoon when they sent over the direct deposit paperwork along with the dates of training that I realized that “I GOT THE JOB!!!!” YES!

The blessing in it all, it took two years for God to Bless me with this job. I wonder if all that I have endured was only to teach me how to be humble. I have been to the lowest point of having no food, taking donations from every place that would offer, applying for assistance in just about every government program, not having gas to get my children to or from school, sacrificing everything that I was accustomed to so that I could give my children a better life, and lying awake at night praying and crying well into the day for the Lord to bring me relief…any relief.

In this time… I learned that no matter how tall I stand in life to not forget the bottom that God has brought me from, to keep him at the head of all things in my life, and to rely on him to continue to provide as he did when I had nothing.

Stressor II: Homework! My children’s homework is so tough! I have a son in kindergarten and a daughter in the 1st grade. I could only imagine what I should suspect when I have middle and high-school students! This homework that my children come home with takes hours to complete. I have structured my schedule to one child per day. My daughters homework days are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. My son’s homework days are now Tuesday and Thursday. This gives me two days of uninterrupted time with the 1st grader and one day of uninterrupted time with the kindergartner. My son (the kindergartner) can complete most of his weeks homework in a day, therefore, it is easy to concentrate all of his work into that one day, Praise God. My daughter, however, she needs the three days. Homework is due on Friday so that day is out of the question.

The blessing in this…I love the one-on-one learning time that I get to spend with them. It makes learning even more fun, I have more energy, and I feel that they understand the material better. What is the other child doing while the one child is working? Reading of course! So this plan also gives both children the ability to spend more time behind a book! Good books too! I thank God!

Stressor III: Gym stress! I have been really on a strict workout schedule at the gym, working-out 5 times a week for the past two weeks. I actually haven’t been this week but two days so I must dedicate myself to going tomorrow (Friday). Which brings me to my next stressor…

Blessing in this case, I lost 10lbs!!!

Stressor IV: The school dance…the SCHOOL DANCE! My children have a dance to go to at school on Friday evening. Of course I am a volunteer parent monitor and I must have my children stick by my side! However, they seem to be disinterested in me even being there, let alone sticking by my side. So I think I may have a nervous breakdown in front of their friends because my children are no longer babies…NO LONGER BABIES!! It Is well…

The blessing in this, they get to have fun that won’t cost me a dime!

Stressor V: Men, but not too much because I don’t have one, lol! However, I don’t think a man could possibly keep me away from blogging. My ideal man would encourage my blogging so I don’t act coo coo, lol! The stress that I have in the area of men on this time dwells in the approaching, emphasized, day for love. So I give myself the benefit of the doubt. At least I am not stuck with a man that I don’t need or have settled for due to my lack of patience. I will continue to pray that God supplies my needs in this area.

The blessing in this, When he finds me God will have already prepared him and I will appreciate him so much more because I know he is “FOR” me. The wait for him is sooooooo worth it! Amen





About Sabrina!

Sabrina secured a bachelors degree under the pressures of military life, full time parenting of two, and the stressors of everyday life. She graduated summa cum laude with a GPA of 3.97. She hopes to succeed beyond all peers through the creativeness learned in her studies of criminal justice and encourage proactive rather than a reactive form of applying it. She is passionate about the successful rehabilitation of offenders, yet she is fully knowledgeable and skilled towards computers, radios, satellites and anything that maintains or transmits a signal. These skills she learned as a Signal Support Systems Specialist (25U) in the United States Army. She wants to lead by example so that her children can reach their fullest potential. She thanks God for all of her successes!


Mom Is On Strike

The kids are out of school for the summer. They are going to eat us out of a house and a home. Ok….not really but come to think about it, that seems to be the case. They ask for breakfast, snack, then another snack, then lunch followed by two more snacks then dinner and of course a snack. Where are they putting all of this food?


I try to control how much they eat but when I take a restroom break they fly to the kitchen  and grab a snack. As a mom, I sometimes find peace in the restroom. I must admit, I am in there a little longer than I have to be sometimes and browsing my social media doesn’t help me get out any faster. I can hear their little feet coming up the hallway and our three year old slams every door he passes (including the refrigerator) so I am able to keep up with him while I am in the restroom. My five year old is usually knocking on the bathroom door telling on everyone so this within itself is aggravating yet helpful. She tells me who is hitting who and who is sneaking snacks.


Image source:

My eight year old is sneaky. He will hide a snack and you won’t see any evidence left behind; not a wrapper or crumb. However, lately I have been finding those wrappers hidden underneath his bed. The look on his face when I took a broom and pushed out all the trash he had hidden under there. BUSTED! I found juice containers, pie wrappers, soda bottles, candy wrappers, etc.. You name it, I found it. So now that under the bed isn’t an option, I wonder where he will began to hide it next. I am sure me finding his secret hiding space will not stop him from sneaking snacks. I may just tell them that I have a camera set up in the kitchen so whoever is sneaking snacks will be in big trouble.


My ten year old is really in her own head right now. She has been doing a lot brainstorming and drawing designs for clothes. I can’t wait to see where she will end up in the fashion industry. She reminds me of myself because she is a jack of all trades. Since she is so busy doing her drawings, she sees nothing. Even if my three year old is pouring out a juice on the floor in her presence she “claims” she didn’t see it.


I went to the restroom a couple of days ago to prepare for bed and when I came out my living area looked like a tornado had ran through it. Where was my ten year old? She was drawing her designs and said she didn’t see it although there were 5 kitchen table chairs lined up in front her with chips and spilled juice all over the floor. My five year old didn’t come and tell this time. I guess she only tells when she can’t get what she wants from her siblings.

They DO NOT like to clean. What kid does?  It is like pulling teeth to get them to make up their beds. I guess you can say that I created this because I use to just do it. I made the decision to give my children chores so that it could help me out and teach them how to do for themselves. I work for myself so I am mostly home but I do have meetings to attend and some of them are done online. I work many hours but stay in mommy mode.

Of course my children think I am just playing on my computer when I am doing my work so they (all four of them) always want my undivided attention. That is very hard to do sometimes when you are working. They also love to argue with each other. From sun up to sun down, they are arguing about paper, pencils, food, movie choices. It is never ending.

So you probably can tell by now that my home is pretty active and you may be wondering how am I going to balance this and work throughout the summer. Now that is a great question. I don’t like to send my children to a sitter. I guess you can say that I am a little paranoid because sometimes people will not treat your children right. I don’t want to pay for them to go to a daycare because it costs us an arm and a leg (we do have four kids). I may have to get up early in the mornings, like six o’clock and do my work but sometimes my clients are not up that early. I will work out something. Mommy has to work. I am not a stay at home mom. I am a work from home mom with mommy duties.

Daddy works outside of the home long hours so he is tired when he comes home and by then the business day is over with anyway so the kids are pretty chill, somewhat.


Today is Sunday and daddy is off work so mommy is going on strike. Sorry Babe. 🙂


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