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Beach Summer Body. How Does That Term Feel When You Are Plus Size?

Plus Size Blogger Kerai Kreative Style talks beach body. Not sure who gave society or the human race on the whole the right to determine what is the ideal “summer beach body”. There are so many disorders related to obtaining the perfect figure to prove to the world that I am worthy of showing off/flaunting… Continue reading Beach Summer Body. How Does That Term Feel When You Are Plus Size?

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I Didn’t Pass Out On My First Cruise

  My husband decided that he wanted to take me on a surprise trip. We have talked about taking many trips before but because of life we always pushed it back to the back-burner. Whenever he began to talk about us taking a cruise, I figured this would be pushed back to the back-burner too.… Continue reading I Didn’t Pass Out On My First Cruise

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Bacon Grease

Sabrina Sainthilaire Lady In The Wilderness Smoothie and bacon living.....inspiration Bacon Grease When I was younger, the thought of cooking bacon was the same as the thought of receiving a spanking. I would suit up and wrap myself in so much clothing to avoid the sting of the bacon grease when it popped so unforgivably… Continue reading Bacon Grease

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My First Attempt At Making A Beeswax Candle with Herbs

I never considered myself to be a DIYer but I have been getting into it a lot more lately. My husband and I visited Statesboro GA and decided to browse the Hobby Lobby there. I was like whooooaaaa.....when I walked through the door. All of the home décor and project materials that were available was very… Continue reading My First Attempt At Making A Beeswax Candle with Herbs


Natural Woman

k by Sabrina Sainthilaire - You make me make me make me feel like a natural woman...woman... If anyone remembers this song you are an 80's baby that experienced some good times watching your Mother sing the words to this song while revealing bits of her most confident self! Well, at least this… Continue reading Natural Woman

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A Getaway For My Sanity

March 2nd was my birthday and with so much going on in my life, I needed a much needed getaway. I wanted to do something different. Over the past few months I have been getting out of my own way to expand in different areas of my life. Sometimes our fears can limit us from… Continue reading A Getaway For My Sanity