How To Make Flax seed Gel, Chemical Free


Many consume these very beneficial seeds to support the overall health of the body but did you know that you can make your own hair gel from it?

Who in the world would want to make their own hair gel from something that you can eat? You may find yourself getting the DIY bug after reading this. 🙂 .

More and more people are becoming more health conscious and are doing things differently. Many people are changing their diets as dis-ease is at an all time high. Chemicals that we place in and on our bodies, are throwing our body systems out of whack. Not to mention the medications that we are prescribed once we become unbalanced.

With so many people having the “hurry syndrome” DIY’s may be the farthest thing from your mind. I get it, who has time to consider what every ingredient is on a product. With everything being so fast paced today, many want to grab and go. If your favorite YouTube blogger tells you it works, you believe it may work for you and you purchase it believing in that product. I am not completely free of the use of chemicals. I do have a shampoo and conditioner that consists of chemicals that could be harmful, however, I rarely touch it and find other ways to cleanse my hair as much as possible. If I do not feel like whipping up a natural hair cleanser, then I will use it. Balance is very important here. Our bodies are created to fight off everyday toxins you may run into but are we helping ourselves by overloading our systems with toxins?

I am familiar with many gels as I have styled hair since I was a teenager and it wasn’t until about two years ago that I began to look deeper into the ingredients of products. My favorite hair gel was a dark brown gel and so many swear by this gel due to it’s ability to give a great hold. As I think back over the years that I used the gel on myself, I can remember times when it would burn once I applied it. I never understood why that was so then, but I know now. Many gels contain alcohol. Alcohol burns when it is put on damaged scalp. During the time I would use it, it would be after I had relaxed my hair and I would slick my edges (the main part that burns when receiving a relaxer) with this gel. I would also do updos and ponytails by slicking my hair up on the sides. Do you’ll remember that popular hairdo, snatch back ponytail? This style consisted of a bun in the front and a long ponytail positioned on the crown or mid back of the head. I just knew I was going to turn heads with my fresh snatch back hair do.

My scalp would burn like crazy, but I took one for the beauty team anyway. I was willing to let it burn for the sake of the look.

Alcohol is also very drying to the hair. I always discuss products with the ladies and men that come to me to style their hair. Little things like alcohol being an ingredient can make a big difference in the health of your hair.

You can make your own natural gel using flax seeds. Flax seeds has many benefits for internal and external use. Many use flax seeds in their salads. I love to add it to my smoothies for digestive health.

Flax seeds are one of the riches sources of omega 3 fatty acids and fiber. The omega 3 supports healthy hair growth by strengthening the hair, can prevent alopecia, reduces dandruff and aids in the prevention of baldness for men and women.

If you do not want to use them on your hair you can just eat them!

How to Make Flax seed Gel

You will need,

  1. A small saucepan/pot
  2. 2 cups of water
  3. ½ cup flaxseeds
  4. Stocking or mesh strainer (anything to strain the finished product)
  5. Essential oil (optional)


  • Place water and flaxseeds in a pot over medium heat
  • Bring to a boil (stir occasionally to prevent sticking of the seeds to the pot)
  • Continue stirring until it reaches an egg yolk consistency (white and frothy)
  • Turn off heat
  • Strain into a cup, bowl or container of your choice using stocking or strainer object
  • Add 3 drops of essential oil of your choosing

Tip- Get creative and add more to your gel to fit your needs. You can alternate essential oils and even add aloe vera. 

Natural flax seed gel does not have a long shelf life as it does not contain chemicals/fillers to prolong the shelf life. The average length of time that I have been able to keep this gel is 2 weeks by keeping it in the refrigerator. If there is a sour smell to your flax seed gel, this is a sign to throw it away. Do not use if it stinks or you will be stinky. Hehehe….. No, I don’t know if you will be stinky, but I have smelled old flax seed gel before and it is not nice.

Watch Video: How To Do A Braid-Out With Flax Seed Gel & Unrefined Shea Butter

It feels good to know that you are making something natural and healthy for your hair. You know exactly what you have put in it so there are no guessing games as to how this gel can be harmful to your health. Flax seed gel does not dry out your hair. I look at it like hair food.

I love flaxseed and keep some in my pantry. I use it for hair, skin and I consume it often.

Give it a try!


Are You Thinking About Semi Free Form Loc’n?

What is semi free forming? Semi free forming is a way of locking. It is not an organized way of locking and many shy away from the process because of the beginning stages. Although the beginning stages could test the thickness of your skin (due to negative comments), the loc journey is very rewarding within itself. It will test your patience, it can increase your confidence, it can become a spiritual journey.

August 2nd will make two years on my semi free from lock journey. I would have never guessed that I would ever be locked but here I am today rocking this semi free form locs.

Check out this video of me sharing tips in hopes of encouraging you to follow through your unique journey embracing every step of the way.

1st Time Retwisting My Locs by @Naturalcurls4life

I am 10 weeks into my loc journey and this is my first time retwisting my hair myself. I am making progress and look forward to my progress as time goes on.

I also share the hair products I use to wash and retwist my hair.
Shampoos: Crème of Nature Scalp Relief Shampoo and Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo
Conditioner: Crème of Nature Moisture Extreme
DIY Loc spray (by YouTuber/Loctician Damian Walter)
Taliah Waajid Tight Hold

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Naturalista Ola


My name is Ola, twenty four years old, Nigerian studying and living in Germany. I’ve been natural for three years. Before deciding to go fully natural though, I was always switching between low cuts and growing my hair out only to cut it off again. I have an androgynous identity on the gender spectrum so growing up and having to conform to the beauty standard for girls in my birth country was really hard on me. I was buying expensive wigs and changing hairstyles every month. Instead, I preferred to wear a low cut.


 I started growing my hair out again in 2014 after chopping it off earlier and didn’t know what to do with it… so on a particular day, I went on YouTube and stumbled upon black youtubers with natural growing hair. Well, I was amazed and taken back at what my natural hair could do, the curls, twist outs etc. I wanted hair like that so I decided to never cut my hair and instead grow it out.


 I must say this that hair for us in Africa was never a political issue as compared to USA Europe with the compulsory conformity to white standard imposed on black bodies etc. Conformity to Western standard of beauty was more subtle as a result of the influence of western norms and media gibberish on our perception of bodies and beauty. It wasn’t quite easy to see a young girl with her natural hair except for some of our mothers who we considered old-fashioned anyway. The rest of the girls who grew their natural hair were the religious ones who did it for religious reasons. We didn’t wanna look like them of course, we wanted to look pretty, so as soon as we could, we applied chemicals on our hair, bought wigs and flaunted different styles of hair.


 So ja I was shocked when I saw on YouTube girls who were very beautiful with full head of afro, all twisted out and curls. I wanted that. What we simply lacked was representations and education. I sat to gulp them all, very excited about what the future had for me. Before this, I was always very self-conscious about beauty standards etc. Well these beautiful representations gave me wings to fly. I did the different styles I watched on YouTube with my hair, I looked at myself and began to see a different image, a beautiful self-confident one. I began to get very comfortable in my skin, and stopped wishing for straight hairs.


 Fast forward to 2016, I decided to convert my afro into locs… so now I have locs and this is absolutely the best decision I have ever made. Ja I loved my afro but I don’t miss it either. I’m the simple one style kinda person who doesn’t care too much about switch ups and all. I also love the fact that I can wake up and in seconds step outta the house. My locs gave me the freedom that my afro never did. I remember my friends telling me wtf Ola you spend lots of time on your hair, because of course I had to twist my hair into three to four strands before sleeping and then untwist them every morning to comb out. I loved and enjoyed every bit of it because it’s my hair and I won’t have it any other way, but I love my locs more. I’m more comfortable in my body with my locs. I even stopped using makeup because I really do look in the mirror and say wow I’m beautifully made. My locs gave me that perspective and I’m forever grateful.


 My advice for anyone trying to go natural is, it’s your hair. You cannot be comfortable if you don’t accept yourself. You would always look at others and the comparison will never end. Beauty is a state, both internal and external, it is what you think of yourself when you look into the mirror. Do not let society define you because what society does best is reduce our body into sites for the production and display of power, carve us into pieces of jellyfish forever needy of validation. The problem isn’t our difference, the problem is the interpretation and perception of our differences and how we are narrated as not good enough. That’s always the way society works. The one who has the power is able to wield it in whichever way and narrate the story to suit him. So, do not let society own you, own yourself, shine so bright it dims the one who tries to stifle you.


 I’m actually not a product person, I’m too lazy to sit and go on a quest for hair products so I basically just use simple shampoos and moisturizer with coconut oil. Coconut oil I’d say has been one of my consistent product. Now that I’m locd, I use Avalon organics Zitronen shampoo and coconut oil to oil my scalp after every wash. And I semi free form so I don’t retwist and all. Simple and light-hearted… I am more than happy to finally have to grow my hair just like white people. I constantly say, why should mine be different, you leave yours in your own way, I leave mine in my own way. It’s not even up for discussion. It isn’t something we are supposed to sit and have a discourse on, going natural or not, but since history has made it so. Then ja we gotta keep talking about it and also show our kids undiluted images so they love and embrace every part of their black bodies unapologetically.


 My favorite natural go to style is just letting my locs grow full all over my head. I love the full natural locs than retwisting regularly to give them a defined look. So, I let my locs do whatever they wanna do. All I do is separate the roots after every wash and continue with living life.

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Grow Long Healthy Locs

According to natural hair stylist Yalonda Fields ( a stylist located in Vidalia, GA)- maintenanced locs equal healthy long locs.

To grow long healthy locs, it is important to care for your locs.

There are many different loc options as I am on a semi-freeform loc journey. Maintenance for you can mean many different things based on the type of locs you have chosen to have. For some, maintenance is cleansing, deep conditioning and re-twisting and for others it is cleansing and letting the hair take its’ course without re-twisting.


Image courtesy of Yalonda Fields of Face 2 Face Global Hair Studio located in Vidalia, GA

There are some tips that can help you to achieve maximum growth. The tips shared are tips that I have personally used on myself and have also gotten confirmation that it works for others on their loc journey.


I get it, we all want our hair to grow overnight. Ok, maybe that was a little extreme but if you allow your hair to grow without length checking so often (especially if it bothers you) and just focus on healthy hair care then before you know it you will have longer locs.

I take a look over my journey from time to time and can’t believe how far I have come. Take pictures to document your journey and revisit those pictures from time to time. You will see in your pics how much your hair has grown.

Being frustrated can cause stress and stress doesn’t help the hair to grow. It can actually cause hair loss. Take some deep breaths and embrace the journey every step of the way.


For those who love to have really neat looking locs, you have to be careful that you do not re-twist to often. Every once in a while give your roots a break. Over time, too much tension can cause your locs to began to break/pop off.


Most of the time the hairline if affected by over-twisting and I am sure that is the last thing you would want to have to deal with. They begin to thin out and pop off. No one wants that.

Some loc hair style options can also cause hair loss due to tension. Be mindful of the tightness (tension.)


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If you are free forming or semi free forming, you may not visit a loctician as there is little maintenance.

Visiting a loctician is a great thing. Your stylist can give your hair the proper care that it needs and provide tips on how to keep it healthy in the in between times until you return to the salon.


Moisturizing your locs will aid in healthy growing locs but be very mindful of the products that you are using to prevent product build up.

Heavy waxes and creams are hard to get out of locs, so opting for light natural oils and gels is best.


A list of my favorite go to oils for my locs:

  • Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil

I do not apply these oils in combination to my locs all at one time. I will mix a few of them together or just use one at the time. You will have to see what works best for you.

Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Jamaican Black Castor are penetrating and sealing oils. They penetrate the hair shaft and cuticle.

Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil are also sealing oils.


I don’t know who created the myth that dirty hair grows faster. If your scalp is anything like mine, keeping dirty hair for too long will have you paranoid that your hair is stinky and your locs seem to be screaming for help as well as your scalp.

A clean scalp and clean hair is a okay. Not to mention how good you will feel after that good ole scalp massage. I wouldn’t pass that up for the world! I do wash my own hair but I still thoroughly enjoy taking the time with my hair and massaging my scalp.

In the beginning of my journey, I was told that I should wait until my hair locked before I washed them. Um…..nah. That wasn’t going to fly. I washed my hair three weeks into my journey.

I purchased a hair net and washed my hair through the hair net until my coils were able to stay in place during my wash.



Did you know that you can detox your locs? 

Incorporate Bentonite Clay to into your hair care regimen to remove toxins.


Combine bentonite clay and water until you get a consistency that can be applied to your hair. Apply to wet/damp hair. Let sit for approximately 20 minutes (do not let dry). Rinse out.

My advice to you is to CLEANSE YOUR HAIR PLEASE!


Do not compare your journey to anyone else’s. You are unique, as is your hair and you should embrace the journey every step of the way. Some will compliment you and some will think you have lost your mind taking this journey but it isn’t about anyone else but you.

When I started my journey, my hair was poking out everywhere. My own loving mother and grandmother told me I must have lost my mind or something. I think they wanted to send me off to get help. After all, I was relaxed before and now I had little coils doing what they wanted to do and I let them be.

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I did’t feel as if I had gone through an “ugly stage”. My mother and grandmother now say they love my hair. They didn’t understand where I was going with “those things” as they called them. At the end of the day, understand that you are on this journey for your own personal reason.


Cotton pillow cases and sheets are very common but they do not help your hair at all. They actually pull moisture from the hair as you are resting.

You can purchase a satin cap or a satin pillow case if a cap is out of the question. I personally do not like caps so I sleep on a satin pillow case. Give it a try and thank me later!



Do you need a loctitian? Book Your Appointment With Yalonda Fields at Face 2 Face Global Hair Studio

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How is your loc journey coming along? Are there any problem areas that you would like to discuss?

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