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A blend of potent medicinal herbs that support healthy hair follicles infused in a blend of beneficial carrier oils that also nourish the scalp. 

Herbs used in this product are carefully being studied, selected and tested to ensure that they can work well together to give you the best results.  

Herbs are natural medicine and food- hence scalp food. 

Let’s feed your scalp, not strip and damage your scalp like many harsh chemical filled products can do. 

This product is currently being created and is not available for shipment after your payment is processed. 

Your purchase secures your blend and will be shipped within 7 days of the estimated product launch date August 31, 2019.


Common questions:

Why have you set this on pre-order?

Have you ever put in long hours into creating something that you felt was a great idea and you share it with others just for no one to purchase? What would you do with all that product? What about your time you can’t get back? What about all the money you spent?

Pre-orders let you know there is a NEED. 

What if I am allergic to what you put in it?

If you are allergic to anything, I would recommend you not pre-order because I am unable to accommodate those special needs at this time. 

Herbs selected have minimal allergic reactions (if any at all) but it is better to be safe than sorry.


Will this be available for purchase after the launch date?

This depends on the outcome of the pre-order. If there is a need, absolutely. If not, it will most likely be discontinued. 

If there is a need, the price will most likely go up so lock in your oil now!

$20 includes shipping for pre-orders only.

(Currently only shipping in the U.S)

Naturalista4me products and platform does not claim to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure.

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Hair Care

Herbal Infusion

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