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A More Natural Way Of Things

Many in my local community, as well as those who follow my Facebook page, know that I am a lover of natural remedies. I have shared natural recipes on social media platforms that I use on my children, as well as myself for natural hair care; but it was only recently that I began to share… Continue reading A More Natural Way Of Things

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Bacon Grease

Sabrina Sainthilaire Lady In The Wilderness Smoothie and bacon living.....inspiration Bacon Grease When I was younger, the thought of cooking bacon was the same as the thought of receiving a spanking. I would suit up and wrap myself in so much clothing to avoid the sting of the bacon grease when it popped so unforgivably… Continue reading Bacon Grease

mind, body & soul

Naturally Combat Depression

Depression is something that many suffer from and sadly some suffer in silence. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. I am one of those who suffers in silence when it hits me. It is easy to put on a face that everything is OK when you are down… Continue reading Naturally Combat Depression