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Naturalista Sola

Hi, my name is Sola, and I am a mom of two girls, ages twelve and nine. We love all things natural hair and share that passion on our YouTube channel, DiscoveringNatural. When we are not making videos, we love to spend time as a family, traveling and also cooking. I have been natural since… Continue reading Naturalista Sola

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Naturalista Ola

My name is Ola, twenty four years old, Nigerian studying and living in Germany. I’ve been natural for three years. Before deciding to go fully natural though, I was always switching between low cuts and growing my hair out only to cut it off again. I have an androgynous identity on the gender spectrum so growing up and having… Continue reading Naturalista Ola

Hair Growth, Kinks & Coils, Natural Hair, Natural hair journey

Naturalista Jacqueline

My name is Jacqueline and I'm 35 years old. I big chopped and went natural in 2009 and I locked my hair in 2011. I returned natural because I was tired of damaging my hair with perms and my Saturdays being spent all day in the salon. Some advice that I would tell someone who… Continue reading Naturalista Jacqueline

Hair Growth, Kinks & Coils, Natural hair journey

You Can’t Go Wrong With Bougie

There isn't anything wrong with embracing the bougie! I am not talking about an attitude but this awesome line of products! I hosted a workshop in 2015 in Vidalia, GA and I was able to link up with  the owner of this product line -her name is Sabrina Newby. She agreed to attend my workshop… Continue reading You Can’t Go Wrong With Bougie

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Crochets Styling Options

I have always incorporated protective styles into my natural hair care regimen. Since I have been on my lock journey, I have only done one protective style and that only lasted a weekend. Many people were wondering how I was able to rock this style on top of locks. Heck, I didn't even know it… Continue reading Crochets Styling Options