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The Power of Vision Boards

How to create your life using vision boards.


I Got Fired from My Job

I was relieved of my duties at my job and I could not be more happier. I know you are probably saying who gets happy about losing a job?! This chick! I have been employed with a company for almost one year and over the past six months I have been very unhappy there. My…

Why People Pleasing Is Unhealthy

There was a girl who was very creative. She spent a lot of time alone as a child and her mind would take her to places she could not explain to her social circle or family. She chose to hide a huge part of herself as she wanted to appear to be as normal as…

Know When It Is Time to Let Go

Are you someone who loves to help others? That is me wholeheartedly. If we are not careful, we can find ourselves helping TOO much. How can you help someone too much? By losing yourself in a person who is not trying to take the steps to help themselves. I always see the best in people.…