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Naturalista Sharlayne


Hi, my name is Sharlayne, I’m a freelance producer and writer and I also run an art collective for POC called Project Noir. I live in London.

I’ve been natural for 2 years now. I big chopped last November and it was the best thing for my hair once I got rid of those straggly straight ends. My hair is flourishing and growing incredibly fast! I think I was afraid of looking a bit boyish, but I love my fro.

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I returned natural because I’d been chemically straightening my hair since I was 14. It was generally healthy until a bad dye job and it was never quite the same so after a bit of confidence building I took the plunge. This is my 3rd time and this time its sticking! I love straight hair too but ultimately my hair is healthiest natural.

I would tell someone who is thinking about returning natural to do it! You won’t regret it; your hair will thank you and it will literally change your whole mindset on beauty and accepting your true self.

I really have simplified my routine since going natural. I only really use coconut oil, either in a spray bottle with water or scrunched through my hair. Other than that, I have Shea Moisture shampoo and Lush R&B which smells delicious and is nice for a lil boost of moisture. I slick my baby hairs with aloe vera gel from Holland and Barrett – it’s natural and can be used on hair and skin.

My favorite go to natural hair style is a quick afro puff with a silk scarf or I wear my hair in braids.



I don’t use any heat on my hair. I scrunch it with a cotton t-shirt and let it air dry. I also finger comb as much as possible. The key is the less you manipulate your hair the better.


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Naturalista Chinaza

My name is Chinaza Favor. I’m 20 years old and  I am 6’1Ft tall. I’ve been natural for two years and four months now. I had my hair cut because I used flat iron on my then natural hair and it got damaged so I had to start afresh.

To anyone thinking about returning natural, I advise that you don’t hesitate to do that as it’s going to be the best decision you’ve ever made for your hair. It’s also fun because you’ll be experimenting with different ingredients and the styles that you can make with your natural hair is unlimited.
My favorite products are Nature’s Gentle Touch Shampoo Castor oil and recently, I got this conditioner that I love so much, it’s XHC Tea Tree Moisturising Conditioner. Not to forget WATER.
My favorite hairstyle is ponytail, all packed to the back and Afro. There are so many tips for natural hair but I’ll give just a few; Spray water on your hair everyday, don’t comb your hair when it’s dry( it’ll break), try to deep condition your hair at least every once a month, take your hands off your hair!  By that I mean, don’t always touch your hair and lastly, avoid over manipulation of the hair and very tight hairstyles. Drink enough water, just enough.
You can get in touch with me on Facebook with the name Chinaza Favor.
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Naturalista Jen


Heyyy, I’m Jen and I’m a wife, mommy to four little people, and a fairly new entrepreneur. I’m originally from Chicago but moved to Atlanta  four years ago. My natural hair journey started June 3, 2009 with a drastic, and random, BIG chop! At the time, there wasn’t a ton of information on caring for my “hair type” or natural products that catered to natural hair in general.


You had your heavy hitters like Carol’s Daughter, Shea Moisture, Miss Jessie’s and a few others, but there weren’t as many as there are today. So naturally, I went back to what I knew. About a year or so after my BC, I decided that I wanted a texturizer to “loosen my curls” and make my hair “more manageable 🙄. I didn’t have any guidance on how to care for my hair. I didn’t even know where to start looking for the information.

I had gotten my hair pressed (hot combed) once before getting the texturizer and it completely damaged my curl pattern, so I figured, why not? HUGE mistake! My curl pattern became more damaged. Yeah, it was easier to take care of, but it was a hot mess that left stringy pieces all over my head. In 2012 I decided to start transitioning back to natural.


I have been natural roughly nine years. I big chopped in 2009, texturized about a year or so later, started transitioning back to natural Sept. 2012, and finally became completely natural again in April of 2014.

I returned natural because I assumed it would be cheaper than going to a salon every two weeks. At first, it was fairly inexpensive. Then I did tons of research and found a more and more products that worked. I eventually became a PJ (product junkie) and had more hair products on my shelves than I knew what to do with. That’s when it became expensive lol. In the end, it was still less expensive than getting a relaxer/texturizer and being in the salon every two weeks  FAITHFULLY. I legit had a standing appointment lol.


My advice to someone who is thinking about returning to their natural is, it’s a looooooong and stressful journey to finding what’s right for you and your hair. First and foremost, do your research! Don’t take what anyone, who has “hair like yours”, says as the end all be all. What works for them, may or may not work for you. Find out your hair’s porosity (the ability to absorb and retain moisture) early on and it will save you TONS of money and time. Porosity is everything and the test is super simple! If you can get a grasp on what your hair likes, without breaking the bank, you’re winning! Get a regimen and STICK TO IT!

Learn more about hair porosity and how to do a porosity test- All About Porosity


Currently I’m in love with Obia Naturals CocoShea Shampoo Bar, ApHogee’s Curlific leave in, Inahsi Naturals Aloe-Hibiscus leave in, TGIN’s Honey Miracle Hair Mask, Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner, and CaJoSe Natural’s Brahmi-Amla & Hibiscus Hair Butter Soufflé.

My go to hairstyles would have to be twists for twist outs, mini twist, flat twists and puffs. I’ve become somewhat of a “lazy natural” lol, so I don’t do as much experimenting as I used to.

Jen7I am the owner of CaJoSe Natural and we are a naturally based hair and skin care company. We’ve been in existence for a few years and recently launched our website. Currently we offer four different butters in five different scents. One of our butters is a body butter that comes in lightly scented and naturally scented. It helps keep dry, cracked, and patchy skin super moisturized. The other three butters are hair butters that have been formulated based on your hair’s porosity.

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IG: @cajose.natural and visit our website for more information about CaJoSe Natural (Pronounced Cuh-Joe-Say).










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Naturalista Destiny

destiny 2

My name is Destiny and I reside in the DC metro area.  I’m a southern belle/country gal from North Carolina with a doggie name Nini as my best friend (instagram/nini4ya).  I am an enthusiast of natural hair, natural/herbal living, doggies, crochet/knit, cookery and music.

I’ve been natural for 11 years. I have always been a “black sheep” in my own universe, rejecting all of the negative “isms” around, so it made sense for me to be natural.

Many times I’ve encountered women who inquired about being natural but most of them stated they either could not pull it off nor have the time to care for it.  I counter with sharing that my motivation for being natural was to finally be ME-not a VERSION of me…and be comfortable and in love with my own beauty, unconditionally.  So my advice was to get to that special place first then research, tryout and learn your natural hair with an abundance of patience on deck 🙂

I’m not a product junkie because my low porosity strands hates any white or alcohol filled product (product buildup) Most of my products are natural diy.  I wash and condition with either bentonite/rhassoul clay, seal with natural oils like almond, apricot, jojoba or with a botanical gel like Kinky Curly Custard or shea butter.

My 3 favorite natural styles  are braidouts, bantu knots and washandgos.

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5 Tips To Growing Type 4 Natural Hair


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