Naturalista Yishay

My name is Yishay Joy and I live in Charlotte, NC. I returned to natural for my oldest daughter Madison. She was two at the time and would ask me, “Mommy why isn’t your hair fluffy like mines? ” My family and especially my husband supported my decision. He told me every day how beautiful I looked. Now getting locs, I did not have my mother or siblings support. I really did not care whether I had support or not, I had already been natural for six years before getting locs so any smart remarks about my loc journey did not bother me. Eventually as my locs grew everyone began to love them. I transitioned for ten months then did the big chop myself. One day I was trying to comb out mostly natural and relaxed hair and just decided today is the day and I cut off all the relaxed hair. It was scary and exciting at the same time. When I walked out of the bathroom my daughter started jumping up and down screaming “mommy’s hair is fluffy like mines!” After four years of being natural, I started wearing two strand twists a lot. I like the look and the freedom. I watched thousands of YouTube videos on locs and low-key wanted them after having another baby girl and only having time for a puff. I went to get my hair two strand twisted but this time without […]

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