natural foot soak

Stress Reducing Herbal Foot Soak Blend with Stress Reducing Herbs


Valerian, lemon balm, licorice root, bentonite healing clay, lavender, Epsom salts, dead sea salts and a special blend of essential oils to promote health.



Herbal Foot Soak Blend


Stress is the root cause for many diseases.

Take time for yourself…

You know you should be doing this……

It’s time to do it……

A simple process such as soaking your feet can reduce stress.

I appreciate mother nature – the original medicine. I love boosting my products with the medicinal properties of herbs.

I have created a special blend with stress reducing focused herbs that reduces my stress levels that result from the many hats that I wear.

Sometimes I find myself burning out. Can you relate? I figured you could.

Sit, soak and breathe as you relax to a stress reducing foot soak.


Suggested Use:

  1. Find a quiet space

  2. Light some candles

  3. Play relaxing music

  4. Dim the lights

  5. Prepare blend by adding 2 tablespoons to hot water in a heat resistant foot soaker or bin.

  6. Power your phone off

  7. Close your eyes

  8. Relax and breathe

Soak for as long as you desire.

My goal is to relax as many highly stressed individuals as I can.

Are you one of them?






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