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Naturalista Pearline

My name is Pearline Jean-Charles and I’m from Brooklyn New York. I have been natural since 2012, so let’s just say 4 years. I returned natural because perms weren’t working for me. My hair was just too course for it. My hair always had a hard time taking the relaxer and  boy was I tired of

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Chemical Free Natural Cleanser & Moisturizer for Hair

I did yard work yesterday cutting hedges, cutting grass and raking leaves. I was sweating bullets and branches were falling on my head. The funny thing is there was a lawn company cutting grass at a property across the street from my home and they were watching me. Whatever they were thinking, this lady handled

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Naturalista Tia

  Hi, my name is Tia. I’m a 37 year old mother of two. I live in Greenville SC but Baltimore will always be my hometown. I have been natural for the last 16 years.   My reason for returning back to natural is because I was unhappy with my hair. I felt like it

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5 Quick and Easy Chic Wedding Afro/Texture Hairstyles, Less than 5mins ! Foxydoll78

5 Quick and Easy Chic Wedding Afro/Texture Hairstyles, Less than 5 mins! Foxydoll78 Naturalista4me.com contributor. Connect with Foxydoll78: IG- https://www.instagram.com/foxydoll78/ Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/FoxyDoll78/

Bentonite Clay Detox

As I sit here looking like mud woman, I decided to write a post to explain why I am currently looking this way. My children came into the restroom and saw me  applying the bentonite clay to my hair and face. My youngest son asked me why was I applying mud to my face. “Mud

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Naturalista Tracey

Hi my name is Tracey.  I am a month shy of turning 49 years old, I am also a wife and a mother.  I am currently attending school to become diagnostic medical sonographer.  I have been natural 12 1/2 years.  In 2004 I was laid off and could not continue to perm my hair.  So I

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Naturalista Jacqueline

My name is Jacqueline and I’m 35 years old. I big chopped and went natural in 2009 and I locked my hair in 2011. I returned natural because I was tired of damaging my hair with perms and my Saturdays being spent all day in the salon. Some advice that I would tell someone who

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I’m Guilty Of Dirty Hair!

I should be ashamed of myself but I am not. I have never waited this long to wash my hair but it seems as if every time I would think about doing it something would come up. My hair was not stinky and did not look too terrible but I could feel the dirtiness of

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Naturalista Tywana

Hello. My name is Tywana. I am a mother of two beautiful daughters. I work in the healthcare field. I enjoy helping people as much as I can. I have been natural for about 5 1/2  years. I decided to go natural because I have fine hair and I was tired of relaxing it. I

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